QRG Tech gives you special placement service for your online trade in groupings or the areas selected by you. With this, no competitor will appear in the business directories, which show up on the first pages of large search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you assign up for a partnership with us for only $198 as the initial fee, we will ensure the exclusivity of your brand and service.

We follow a policy of not running AdWords or and special placement of advertisements to promote your business. Your business will stay on the first page of search engines as long as your subscription to our search engine placement is active.

Our search engine placement technology is among the top-rates ones. Have you ever tried to advertise on platforms like yellow pages where your business will appear among 250 competitors? We have a different strategy, which makes working with us worth it for our customers.

You may want to ask us more questions regarding listing your business. We have all the answers. So do not wait anymore. Grab a space in our business directories in your city or a nearby one and make your business boom.

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