Press Release | QRG Roofing to Conduct a New Market Survey in March, 2017


Roof of every building is a shelter against many natural and unnatural forces. This is why every homeowner wants to keep his roof in a fine condition, always. QRG Roofing is one of the top roof leak repair contractors in Alexandria VA. The company has been around for a long time and has got recognition for their state-of-the-art work standards and affordability.

In a recent discussion, one of the company’s spokespersons has made an announcement that the company is now looking forward to conduct a new market survey. The market survey is scheduled during the second week of the March, 2017. This revelation shows that the company is focused on knowing what people think about the recent service standards in the market and what improvement needs to be made.

We have planned the survey just to hear from people what improvement they needs and what complaints they have, when it comes to the jobs like water leak roof repair in Alexandria VA, says the company representative. Our core focus is on ensuring the finest work standards, beyond the imagination and desires of the people, he added.

In the survey, the residents and the commercial property owners will be interviewed on several issues, such as the current standards of mobile home roof repair in Alexandria VA. We will ask people what are their concerns about their roofs, and what experienced they have got if they have hired any company for the jobs like metal roof leak repair in Alexandria VA. We will try to tailor our services as per the feedback collected from that survey, he added.

QRG Roofing provides emergency roof leak repair in Alexandria VA and have a very fast turnaround time. They believe that it is the time factor that makes a big difference, when it comes to quality repairs or the comfort of the property owners. So, the company is very strict on their policies and completely focused on the absolute client satisfaction. For any additional info, we advise you to get in touch with our support team that is available to talk to you online, or over a phone call, the company representative said.

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