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One Hour Pest Control is a highly professional and skilled Manhattan NY based residential and commercial pest control service. We specialize not only in household and office but also in industrial pest control. You can have spiders, rodents, ants, roaches; beg bugs, and termite removal services, along with monthly and seasonal spraying and treatments.

Insect control is a hectic and difficult task for most of the clients whether it is an office, home, or industry. This service requires a lot of safety and precautionary measures, relevant equipment, and skills to use it.It also requires keeping the health of food, people, and plants present and living in the particular area in mind. One Hour Pest Control company takes care of all these things while undertaking any pest control procedure.

If you need any of the services mentioned below, One Hour Pest Control is here for you:

We understand the level of annoyance and irritation it is when you have to deal with the problems mentioned above. With these severe issues, no household or commercial place can be a livable or a workable one. Nevertheless, with any professional and skilled pest control company, you can have total control over these situations. Peace of mind is the first and foremost priority of every household or commercial setting. We provide you with that peace of mind with our services.

Our pest control assessment team will go through a thorough assessment process before executing the operation. Because the industrial, residential, and commercial needs are different. We prepare a complete assessment report about what type of pest control is ideal, including all other relevant details. Then we work in accordance with the report requirements. We do inspections before implementing the pest-killing operation.

Residential pest control is different from the commercial or industrial one. While doing a residential operation, we need to take extra care for family, kids, food items, clothing, and other things of human usage, plants and flowers, furniture, antiques, and more. Whether it is residential or commercial, we use environment-friendly and safe for human health products.

The safe and secure pest control solutions we offer at One Hour Pest Control can be fully trusted.That is because the health and hygiene of our customers are our top priority. You can have full faith in our fumigation and spray products. 

We also provide emergency pest control service for any instant needs. Insects are a common problem of households and commercial places. However, you do not need to worry when One Hour Pest Control is there for you.

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our valued customers. You can call us anytime on 212-289-0400.For general inquiries and feedback, email us at For more and detailed information about One Hour Pest Control, you can always visit our website

For details, Please feel free to call us at 212-289-0400

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