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Our name is our core value “Client’s Interest First.” We offer house inspections that are reliable and easily accessible for all Bethesda MD residents. Inspections are the need of the hour whether you are buying a new home or are building one. This is necessary as it can paint you a full picture of what your house’s condition is. A timely inspection can save you from spending a fortune on damage repairs later. It is wise to get a home inspection before listing, buying, or selling a house.

Why Should You Choose CIF?

CIF home inspections are not the only home inspector in Bethesda MD. Therefore, you must ask yourself why you should hire us. The answer to that question is not one rather we can give you many reasons why we are the best home inspectors in Bethesda MD.

  • We offer quick services and are available for a same-day service.
  • Our home inspectors are people who have trained and have the certification to do the job. They are courteous, well mannered, and professional and you will have a great experience.
  • You can rest assured that the services we offer are at the lowest rates. We offer free estimates so that you can be sure of the cost.
  • We send you a detailed report online, which is simple and easy to read. You can look at a sample report on our website.
  • We never use sub-contractors because there is no telling if they will maintain the same level of service as CIF. We want your home inspection to be perfect and that is why we take it up ourselves.
  • We are Inter NACHI certified for home inspectionsradon inspectionand mold inspection. There is no other company in Bethesda MD that is as reliable as we are.

Services We Offer in Bethesda MD:

We offer a range of quality services in Bethesda MD. You can count on us for a thorough and all-inclusive home inspection. The detailed report will have everything you expected and will leave you satisfied with our service.

Radon Gas Testing

One of our main services is a complete radon inspection in and around your house in Bethesda MD. Your vicinity may have an increase in Radon levels. This may affect the air, water, and soil. Increased Radon levels are injurious to health. You should get complete water quality testing beforehand. Our equipment measures Radon levels frequently and then gives you a report.

Roof Inspection

We offer comprehensive and thorough home inspection. This also includes roof inspection. If your home inspector does not offer a roof inspection then there might be possible leaks or damages left unchecked. Leaks that are not visible to the naked eye can be more disastrous in the longer run. That is why CIF Inspections is your ultimate go-to for proper home inspection in Bethesda MD.

Foundation Inspection

A thorough inspection is incomplete without a foundation inspection. There may be compromised areas in the home foundation that would need immediate attention. If your floors creak or you feel some hollow spaces when you walk it may be a problem with your foundation. Get CIF on it as soon as you can so the damage control causes you less in the longer run.

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