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Omnikleen International is a widespread cleaning service that offers all types of cleaning to its valued customers. We are available for a vast range of washing and cleaning jobs, which include sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rugs cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

We use high-quality washing and stain removing materials for different types of carpet and rug fabrications. We do steaming cleaning of carpets more than satisfactorily at Omnikleen International. For this type of cleaning, we have a separate team. Along with steam carpet cleaning, our professional carpet cleaning service is very much available for and stairs carpet cleaning. You can have full confidence and faith on our carpet cleaner and cleaning contractor regarding residential carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal.

Another of our service is carpet deodorizing. It is for the old carpets or those homes who have pets like cats, dogs, and birds. Such homeowners have always a headache of carpet odors. However, they do not need to worry at all in the presence of Omnikleen International. The only thing you need to do is to clean your carpet on regular basis. We use equipment and cleaning methods according to carpet or rug manufacture and structure. We use baking soda, white vinegar, and vodka for this deodorizing the carpets and rugs.

You can also contact us for tile cleaning, and grout cleaning. We have an expert team for bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning. Omnikleen International has a top rated and competent team of bathroom and kitchen cleaners who have a vast experience of light as well as heavy washing and cleaning.

Other services offered by Omnikleen International are janitorial service and maid services. Our janitorial service is not limited to washing and cleaning only. Omnikleen International provides you with building cleaning, keeping it spotless. We are the best ones in this type of commercial or residential cleaning. When you give us a call, we will be there for your service. You can relax and leave the cleaning and washing to us. Our charges for maid (house cleaner) and domestic help services are by on hourly basis and per square foot calculations. Our prices are affordable by any middle-class household.

Our motto is affordability, trustworthiness, high-quality customer care service, with top rated professionalism. You will surely be satisfied with our work. Feel free to contact us for any given above services or any general inquiries on 214-545-7999 or email us at


For details, Please feel free to call us at 214-545-7999

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