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Taft CA is a lovely neighborhood and many people are coming here to live. The new houses for sale look lovely at a meager glance but might not be perfect. Smart Inspections offers home inspections like never before. We are one of the most trusted home inspectors of Taft CA, we deliver quality and thorough inspection reports for all types of buildings.

We are a certified home inspector company that has been in the business for a long time. Smart Inspections, unlike other companies, has experienced staff on board our team. We are a lot more skilled than just amateur people with checklists are. We provide thorough inspections and email detailed results to all our customers in Taft CA. We can also provide picture and video evidence to our claims. Our team has been providing certified home inspections for a long time now. We are a trustworthy name in Taft CA.

What is the best time to get a home inspection?

If you are puzzled about when you should call in a home inspector, we can help you out. Sometimes people leave their house as it is and cause the damage to increase. This may cause them a fortune and if you get a timely home inspection, you can rid yourself of this worry. 

  • You can get a pre listing inspection every time you are selling a house. This is a good way to hike your house price a little as well. You can get rid of any issues that the buyer might find and nip the evil in the bud.
  • When a house is still under construction you can get a pre drywall inspection to get a better understanding of how well the building or house construction is. This can get you headway especially if you are planning to buy that house later.
  • Prior to putting your home on the market, get a pre-market inspection. It is completely worth the money and will get you a better return later when you sell your house. If you get an inspection yourself, chances are that they buyer will pass on their own inspection.
  • When you decide you are buying the house, we recommend a pre closing inspection before you seal the deal.

Services in Taft CA

We offer a wide variety of private and commercial building inspection services in Taft CA. All these services add up to a thorough and complete building inspection.

  • Our building inspector will look at your house from every possible angle to make sure there is not even a crack that we do not know about. We even provide pool inspection for this reason.
  • A mold inspection can sometimes be very necessary. Mold damage can completely ruin walls and ceilings and mold testing is the only way to get through with it.
  • We also provide home energy audit expertly. An energy audit will tell you where your house is losing energy and will recommend if it needs an energy upgrade.
  • We serve as home warranty provider. We have you covered if you have a home warranty.

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