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The modern era has made us dependent on gadgets like never before. Even if you are not a technology lover, you will still have a smartphone in your pocket. With the constant wave of innovation and new advancements in technology, buying a new smartphone when it starts acting up is not feasible for all. Cell Depot offers the best cell phone repair services in Sterling VA that are very reliable. We offer a quality mobile repair at an affordable price and your phone will look and work the same as new. Cell Depot deals with tablet repair and laptop repair as well. 

When you want a phone repair, you can only trust the very best with it. A repair can just as easily go south and only skilled professionals like Cell Depot should be trusted with them.

Repair and Replacement services in Sterling VA

We offer a range of diversified repair and replacement services in Sterling VA. Our skilled and equipped team has all the necessary training required to offer the following services:

  • We offer all types of cell phone repair services whether they are Samsung mobiles or Apple iPhones.
  • Cell phone batteries are probably the first thing that will go out of order in your smartphone. It is beyond repair; therefore, you can trust Cell Depot for mobile battery replacement.
  • We offer mobile software installation for all types of operating systems whether they are iOS or Androids.
  • We are also handling iPad repair, Android tablet repair and Microsoft tablet repair. This includes screen damages and software installations.

iPhone Specific Services

We deal exclusively in iPhones whichever model they are. iPhone is a sensitive phone and can sustain damage rather easily. We offer:

  • iPhone Screen Repair: A fall or a bump can break the glass of an iPhone screen. We can handle screen repairs for these iPhone models: iPhone 5 screen repair, iPhone 5s screen repair, iPhone 5c screen repair, iPhone 6 screen repair, iPhone 6 Plus screen repair, iPhone 6S screen repair, iPhone 7 screen repair, iPhone 7 Plus screen repair, and iPhone 7s screen repair. When the screen sustains damage beyond repair, you can opt for our iPhone screen replacement service. 
  • iPhone Battery Replacement: We can repair or fix anything iPhone related. The battery needs replacement most and we offer iPhone battery replacement services. We only use original quality batteries for replacement and you can rest assured.
  • iPhone water damage repair: We offer this service and can minimize the damage caused. We can replace any damaged part with a new one because we have iPhone parts for sale as well.
  • iPhone iCloud Removal: We can also help you with software issues like iPhone iCloud removal and software installation.
  • MacBook Repair: We also deal with MacBook and other Apple devices. We offer MacBook Pro repair at affordable rates.

Samsung Specific Services

Along with Apple devices, the other major shareholder of the tech world is Samsung. We offer repair services for Samsung devices that are:

  • People forget their phone passcodes all the time. Trying unsuccessfully too many times can lock your phone. Sterling VA residents need not worry because we are experts in unlocking phones. We will unlock phones in no time and you can rely on us. We can also provide Samsung password removal service instantly when you forget your password.
  • Not many mobile wholesalers in Sterling VA offer Samsung screen repair and Samsung battery replace service all under the same roof.
  • We can fix mobile water damage repair if the water has not reached the motherboard and the phone is irreparable.

Computer services

Cell Depot not only deals in mobile replacement and repair but is also experts in desktop computer repair. We deal with both hardware and software issues and our services include:

  • Our repair services include computer hardware installation. Whether you need a new CPU installed or a keyboard; we will repair, replace, and install it.
  • Our computer repair services extend not only to hardware but to software as well. We offer computer windows installation at most affordable rates.
  • We perform repairs for some very famous tech brands that are HP computer repair, Toshiba computer repair, and Dell computer repair.

You can avail all these offers at a special discount by using the promo code “DEPOT17.” This promo code does not apply to repair services that are below $39.

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