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No one has enough time to do laundry these days. This is why; looking for the right laundry service in Williamsburg NY can be a hassle. At The Soap Box, we believe that our clients need the maximum amount of time to do important things and spend time with family. Household chores are just going to take off several hours from your day. Do not let the laundry basket pile up until the end; ask for professional help from The Soap Box.

We handle all your clothes with care. We are one of the best local laundry services in Williamsburg NY. Our main aim behind everything is to provide convenience at your doorstep. With everything else on your mind, let us handle laundry while you sit back and take a break. We offer pickup and delivery services as well. This just adds up to the overall hassle-free experience The Soap Box promises.

We have been working hard to offer quality services to our clients and we make sure that everything is clean and smells good. We bring to you the most efficient laundry services that are the best. Your clothes will be clean, dry, folded, and ready to wear.

Services We Offer in Williamsburg NY

We offer to clean and dry almost everything that is in your wardrobe. From laundry to blankets, we can take everything from your house and tidy it, and drop it off at your place. With The Soap Box working on it, you do not have to worry about a thing.

Laundry Services:

We offer quality laundry services and you do not have to fuss over anything when you trust us. Not many other companies in Williamsburg NY offer the kind of services we are providing. We handle every fabric with the utmost care that it deserves. We are experts in handling delicate clothes like lingerie. Therefore, we offer superior quality services and pay attention to detail so that we never miss a spot.

Our laundry services come with drying and folding as well. You will get your clothes back and you will get your clothes in a neat stack. Local laundry shops like The Soap Box are very convenient and you can drop off your clothes anytime.

Dry Cleaning Services:

If you are looking for a dry cleaner in Williamsburg NY, you have come to the right place. The Soap Box offers amazing dry cleaning services that are the best. There are a lot of fabrics and dresses that you cannot put directly into machine wash. Such clothing requires dry cleaning. Our dry cleaning services come at a very affordable price and we take special care with your clothes. You can rely on The Soap Box to offer the most effective service in Williamsburg NY. This depends on the skilled labor that we have. Our team has been in the business for a long time now and our staff is experienced. We have worked with every kind of fabric that exists and we know what we are doing.

Feel free to call us at any time on718-803-3110 or visit our website We are delighted to offer walk-in services as well. You can come by our cleaning center anytime to drop off and pick-up your laundry. Our address is 110 Saratoga Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11233 and we hope to see you soon.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 718-803-3110

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