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Home is the place where you live for a long period of your life. Therefore, before buying a home you need to keep some important things in mind.The most important of all to consider before you purchase is to get it inspected. A thorough inspection will expose any problems it has in the structure or utilities, and you will be able to decide whether to invest on the particular home or see some other place.

PowerWorks Inspections is a home inspection company operating in many areas including Tyrone GA. The services offered by PowerWorks Inspections are:


We also offer Pre-listing Inspection and new construction home inspection.

A home inspection is a very technical task, which needs years of experience in the field. We will send a home inspector to you for a thorough property inspection. He or she will make a complete analysis, letting you know if buying or selling that property is worth it.

If you want to sell out your home, it is highly recommendable that you get it inspected before putting it up in the market. This is pre listing inspection and it enables you to make any necessary repairs to add more value to it. We have most modern home inspection software for generating reports. We mention all major and minor issues in the report including pictures.

Why Call Us?

If you do not get the inspection report, then the buyer will get the home evaluated before closing the purchase deal. You do not want any problems to cause the value of your home to drop. Therefore, it is better that you handle the inspection yourself, with us.

Once our inspection report by a licensed inspector is in your hand, you will be more confident while making a deal. You can do the repairs after closing a deal with the buyer, but discuss all the details with the potential buyer regarding repair in advance. This will satisfy the potential buyer as well, and the chances of a done deal will be higher. You can also look up our Google and Angies list reviews. Our reviews speak for themselves.

We Offer Radon Tests

Testing and inspection of radon gas are also one of the most significant parts of home evaluation. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive hazardous gas, which causes lungs cancer. It is invisible and almost odorless, making it difficult to detect. An inspection is the only solution to know the level of exposure. It has a great effect on indoor air quality, which can harm people in the building. It can also mix in drinking water and affect your health a lot. Therefore, you need to get your home tested for radon gas before putting it on sale or making a deal to purchase.

Our certified and licensed inspector has modern and reliable radon testing equipment. We will quickly come over to detect it and offer radon mitigation solutions.

Our Objectives

PowerWorks Inspections believes in integrity, sincerity, and true care for the customers. We are fully committed to your success in finding the desired home for you and family and selling at the best price. We do not mind if you want to attend the inspection in person. Our experienced home evaluation team will inspect your home in your presence. We have a certified home inspector on board, so you can get an appointment almost a week ago. We offer the highest quality of work as compared to any local home inspector. One of the biggest differences of our work is that we climb up to the roof for inspection. If it is not safe, we use a drone.

You can anytime contact us for a home evaluation. Call us on 678 857 4602 or email us at


For details, Please feel free to call us at 678-857-4602

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