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The Academy of Applied Engineering Practice (AAEP) comprises of a team with some of the most accomplished engineers in the country, who dedicate their lives to the principles of applied science and engineering. We also enjoy the support these distinguished instructors who have come together to collaborate and form an excellent leadership of our academy. Founded not too long ago, we strive to achieve great heights that will offer students in San Mateo (CA) excellent learning with great opportunities. To ensure this, we provide learning for a number of courses.

At AAEP, the number of hours of study for each course varies and so do the instructors. You will find online coaching for the following courses:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Professional Engineering
  • Certificates
  • Plan Reading
  • Safety Management
  • Project Control
  • Contract and Marketing
  • Design

Exam Preparations

We urge our candidates to take time out of their busy schedules to prepare for all the exams relevant to their career. Each course for which we provide learning has a list of certifications that engineers have to undertake. This means dedicating at least 36 hours of study or maybe even more, depending on the syllabus of the course.

Moreover, with each course a student registers for, there will be a schedule to follow. You can find details about course schedules with dates and time and the price for respective certifications. We will help you prepare for the following:

Construction Project Management

Inspection and Testing

Professional Engineering Certificates

  • Fundamental of Engineering Exam preparation (FE)
  • Preparation for Professional Engineering (PE) Exam
  • Preparation for Geotechnical Engineering (GE) Exam

Plan Reading

  • Residential plan reading
  • Civil Plan Reading
  • Mechanical Plan Reading
  • Electrical Plan Reading

Safety Management

  • OSHA (10 Hour Training)
  • OSHA (30 Hours Training)

Project Control

Contract and Marketing Management

  • Digital Construction Marketing
  • Documentation Management
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Construction Law and Regulation


  • Auto desk Revit (BMI)
  • Navis Works
  • Auto Cad
  • CRS Prescription Structural Wood Design

How We Operate

We offer online assistance for students who register with us for preparing for exams. It is important that you qualify for the course before registering with us. With each course, you will find the eligibility criteria. If you meet the requirements, you can proceed to checkout by adding the courses you want to take with us, into your shopping cart. You will also find schedules for each course on our website. Once we confirm your registration, you can attend the lectures between the times mentioned on the schedules for the courses. You will have to make sure that you attend the required numbers of hours in order to prepare for the exam.

Useful Resource Guide

We provide our candidates a number of useful links to assist them with learning and preparing for the exams. Users can make the most of the links we provide for self-learning at their own convenience. The links we provide aim to facilitate a better understanding of the courses for our young engineers.

For more information, you can call us on +1 888 402 1114 or write to us.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 888-402-1114

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Our Services providing quality customer service

  • Construction Project Management
  • PMP Course
  • CAPM Course
  • Construction Risk Management Course
  • Construction Inspection Course
  • Construction Exam Preparation
  • Construction Safety Course
  • Construction Magnetic Testing Course
  • Construction Penetrant Testing Course

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