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Radon measurement and Radon mitigation may be more important than most people think. Radon levels have known to be high in the surrounding areas of Hudson NH and have been identified as a health hazard. The only way to know the level of Radon in the air is to measure it. This may sound like a secondarily important factor but if the Radon levels are high hiring a radon consulting company like us can improve the health risk by reducing the exposure to harmful contaminants your family breathes in your home. Black Dog Inspections d.b.a Black Dog Radon Services has vast experience in dealing with radon issues with many years of experience with complex situations providing efficient and quick solutions for our clients in Hudson NH. You can rely on us for all your radon mitigation and radon testing services as:

  • We are a professional radon service; radon is our specialty and solutions are our products.
  • We provide Radon Testing Services based on your needs
  • We are an AARST-NRPP certified residential radon inspection company.
  • We offer radon testing for home buyers, home owners, and businesses.
  • All tests are performed by AARST-NRPP certified personnel.
  • We are legally registered and insured to do business in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
  • We hold an additional national professional certification -  AARST Mitigation Professional RRNC                               

Why Should You Choose Us

Black Dog Radon Services is a small privately owned company local to Hudson NH and not a franchise. Our product is radon solutions and nothing else since we have no other sidelines or offer other non radon related services. 

  • Our quality is consistent and we prefer to remain small with a focus on great radon solutions.
  • Our prices are competitive and we offer a great product at a reasonable cost.
  • We welcome our clients input when aesthetics are important in the system design and update them on each phase of the process.  Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • A radon inspection is not always straight forward but our experience and equipment are applied to address your project for excellence results.
  • We are properly registered to do business in your area.

Radon Measurement Services

We are a licensed and AARST-NRPP certified for radon measurement services. All Black Dog Radon Services radon tests are performed by AARST NRPP measurement certified personnel which varies on their particular device certifications.  We use electronic measurement equipment - continuous radon measurement devices (CRM) that measure radon levels as well as other data every hour. This additional information helps us discourage test device tampering that could occur with passive equipment by providing information based on device movement, abnormal temperature and humidity changes. The use of CRMs gives us a more informative radon measurement when short term 48 hour real estate type tests are performed. Our calibrated and approved instruments will make the results available in a very short time in many cases an hour or less. Our measurements in Hudson NH are accurate and we follow strict measurement protocol. You will receive the results swiftly via email.  

Radon Mitigation Services

If you have identified unacceptable radon levels from your radon measurement, we can provide a technical analysis of the situation through our analytical services and provide a mitigation solution. Mitigating radon levels is extremely important and we also understand that these procedures and their requirements can be different for every customer based on system placement, aesthetics, desired outcome levels, operating cost… Our team of experienced experts and AARST-NRPP certified professionals can develop a plan for mitigation design according to your needs. Even when situations are hard to rectify we will apply advanced mitigation procedures to reduce the radon level to your goal.

Radon Water Mitigation

Black Dog Radon Services currently uses aeration products (AIR aider) made by Radon Away for our radon in water reduction solutions since the quality, reliability and ease of maintenance is superior compared to other manufacturers. All water piping to and from the aeration unit is primarily done in copper providing a neater and rigid finished product.

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