GPS Elecrtical Services Dunwoody GA


GPS Elecrtical Services Dunwoody GA

We are proud that we are Dunwoody, GA’s most reliable and trusted electrical contractor that has been serving different areas of the country with top-of-the-line electrical inspection and the trouble shooting services for so long. Doesn’t matter if you are experiencing insufficient voltage at home or if you need the electrical service additions at your commercial place, we will prove to be your best option in Dunwoody, GA. From switch installation to ceiling fans installation and from appliance receptacle to service panel issues, whatever electric service you need we are here to provide you the finest services.

Residential Electrical Services in Dunwoody, GA

Do you need the best house wiring or home rewiring service in Dunwoody, GA? Are you looking for the breaker replacement, aluminum wiring repair, electrical code correction, plugs repair, or any other residential electrical service in the area? If so, then we can deal with all such problems in the most professional manner. Our electrical maintenance, installation and repair services are not only of the highest quality, but we also have the cheapest service rates.

Commercial Electric Services in Dunwoody, GA

We can also help the locals with finest commercial electrical service, when they need any electric service such as electrical surge protection, outdated wiring replacement, dead outlets repair, lighting maintenance, new plugs installation, landscape lighting, chandeliers, and electrical service upgrades, etc. Whether it’s the flickering lights, power surges, or any related issue, we will serve all your needs with absolute satisfaction.

Quality Electrical Products

We also have the highest quality breaker boxes, dedicated circuits, room lights, copper wiring, pool and spa electrical circuit, and light bulb, etc. that you can buy from us at the most reasonable rates in Dunwoody, GA. We believe in quality work and we believe the quality can never be there unless the highest quality product is not used in an electrical repair, maintenance, or installation project.


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