GPS Elecrtical Services Livonia MI


GPS Elecrtical Services Livonia MI

GPS Electrical Services is a Livonia, MI’s number one electrical contractor that provides specialized electrical work to the locals with quality assurance. We also offer professional HVAC service and HVAC repair services to the locals. From furnace repair to power outage services and AC services, etc. we are dedicated to provide the matchless service standards to our every single client. We are a licensed company and understand each and everything about electrical code violation and relevant things. To hire our services, we need you to call us at our number, anytime.

Residential Electrical Services in Livonia, MI

The residents of Livonia, MI know us as reputed and credible residential electrician service providers. We promise a very fast turnaround time and our services such as electric wiring replacement, electric panel repair, boiler services, and heat pump repair, etc. can be hired whenever you need them. You can also go through our extensive portfolio that will tell you how capable we are, when it comes to electrical repair or electrical installation services.

Commercial Electrical Services in Livonia, MI

We offer quality assured commercial electrician services such as commercial wiring installation, generator installation, out door lighting, electrical wiring repair, and heat pump service, etc. All of our team members are highly experienced, certified, and qualified electricians that are dedicated to achieve the absolute client satisfaction on every single project, whether small or a major one.

Visit Our Website for Free Quotes

To let our valued clients know what a particular electrical service is going to cost them, we provide them absolutely free service quotes. This facility can be availed at our website or by calling us directly. We are striving very hard to help our clients with the maximum convenience that we can arrange for them. So, get a free quote right today to know what your specific project is going to cost you.


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