GPS Elecrtical Services Eastpointe MI


GPS Elecrtical Services Eastpointe MI

We are proudly the Eastpointe, MI’s most trusted and credible electrical contractor, helping the locals with state-of-the-art electrical work at cheap rates. We also have the specialized HVAC experts to help you with specialized HVAC service and HVAC repair, with quality assurance. From power outage services to the furnace repair and AC services, we can be hired every such job that needs the assistance of a qualified and certified electrician. Never hire an ordinary electrician who knows nothing about the electrical code violation. We are here to help you with our experienced, licensed, and insured service.

Residential Electrical Services in Eastpointe, MI

For the best residential electrician work in Eastpointe, MI, you only need to give us a single call. We will be right at your place in a fast manner to provide you the best services that includes electric panel repair, electric wiring replacement, heat pump repair, and boiler services, etc. We have a very vast portfolio of residential clients that tells you how reliable we are in the industry. For any of your electrical installation or electrical repair needs, you can call us right away.

Commercial Electrical Services in Eastpointe, MI

Some of the quality electrical services that you can get from our certified commercial electrician are commercial wiring installation and replacement, out door lighting, generator installation, heat pump service, and electrical wiring repair, etc. The services that we offer are performed by certified and highly skilled commercial electricians, so you can stay relaxed about the quality of service that you are going to experience from us.

Get Free Estimates

Whatever electrical service you hire from us, you will be served with a free service estimate that can be compared with the other service providers in the industry. This will help you know how cost effective our services are, in relation to the other companies providing the same services. You can get the free estimates either on our web page or you can also call us directly for it.


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