GPS Lighting Wilmington NC


GPS Lighting Wilmington NC

For years, we have been helping the Wilmington, NC locals with remarkable out side lighting services and known to be the number one outdoor lighting company. We have built the trust of our clients with continuous hard work and our mission is to maintain that position by keeping delivering the exceptional work in the future. Outside lighting installation is our main feature, but we also help clients with specialized lighting repair services.

Tree Lighting Service in Wilmington, NC

Are you planning for an event in the near future and wish to set a great outside theme to welcome your guests? If so, then the tree lighting will play a key role in getting the attention of your guests, while making a great impression. The reason to illuminate your trees is that this gives a great ambience and shadowing effect and the guests will start liking the event right from the start.

Pathway Fixtures in Wilmington, NC

Apart from illuminating your trees, we also recommend you consider the patio lighting, sidewalk lighting, and landscape lighting because this will create an overall stunning atmosphere. We have the right pathway fixtures and there is a whole range of different variety products that you will find really interesting for your event. The good news is that whatever fixture you are going to buy, you will get a lifetime warranty on that.

Customized Packages

Basically, there are the 3 main packages that we offer to our valued clients. You can go through these packages on our website, but if you need any modifications in the stock packages, then you can also request us for the customization. This is totally up to you how you plan your led lighting installation. 


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