GPS Lighting Gastonia NC


GPS Lighting Gastonia NC

GPS Lighting is dedicated to serve the Gastonia, NC locals with unparalleled landscape lighting services, right since our inception. We have been providing the out side lighting services for many years of triumph, and focused on achieving 100% client satisfaction, every time we are on a project. From outside lighting installation to lighting repair, we can help you with every related service that you might be looking for.

Tree Lighting Service in Gastonia, NC

Are you looking to create an appealing shadowing and ambience on your trees? Do you wish to set your outdoor as an appealing place to get the attention of the guests with perfection? If so, then we are proudly serving the Gastonia, NC people with top notch tree lighting services. We have been providing this kind of jobs for many years and we know how to illuminate your trees effectively in order to get that feel that you should be looking for.

Pathway Fixtures in Gastonia, NC

Do you need to buy the best quality pathway fixtures in Gastonia, NC? If yes, then we can let you buy the best fixtures for sidewalk lighting and patio lighting, etc. with lifetime warranty. You can visit us and have a look at the quality of the fixtures that we offer, and then you will know that they are extremely high quality products.

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients is the quality, timely, reliable, and affordable services. So, if you are looking for the best outdoor lighting or led lighting services, then you can give us a call, anytime, expecting the best quality services and fixtures such as LED bulbs, fixtures, and transformers. 


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