Property Appraisals

New Jersey Real Estate Appraisal Group LLC offers property appraisals that use MLS insights to give you a detailed report on your property’s value. Our goal is to provide a fast, reliable, thorough home appraisal report that consists of the best available verifiable data at the time of the appraisal service in Sayreville NJ.

Property Appraisals

Home Buying Appraisal

You need to be sure not to overspend when buying a home. That is why you need to have a reliable home buying appraiser by your side. To your luck, our home appraisers offer the reliability you need. You can get a home appraisal or get your home appraised in no time.

Home Buying Appraisal

Certified Appraisals

New Jersey Real Estate Appraisal Group LLC prides itself on being the most trustworthy and certified property appraiser in Sayreville NJ. You can stop finding appraisers when you hire our appraisal services. Reliability and transparency are what we promise to offer.

Certified Appraisals

Your Most Competent Choice When You’re Looking For Property Appraisal Services In Sayreville NJ

About Us

Offering property appraisals for the past many years now, New Jersey Real Estate Appraisal Group LLC has gained significant customer count with our brilliance. With over 11,473 appraisals to credit, our FHA approved appraisers have provided customer aligned services without compromise.

Real Estate Appraisal Cost

During our free over the phone consultation, we try to determine what are the clients needs (what type of appraisal the client needs), then by obtaining the address of the house that is subject of the appraisal, we are typically able to determine through the tax records and aerial maps the relevant characteristics of the home and based upon that information we can provide you the real estate appraisal cost to produce a credible appraisal report.The aerial maps of the location help the appraiser to determine the complexity of the real estate appraisal due to adverse external factors that might be present such as closer immediate proximity to freeways, busy traffic arteries, high-voltage power lines, etc. that may have an adverse effect on the value of the property or positive influence on value such as waterfront property.

Our Variety of Services

New Jersey Real Estate Appraisal Group LLC offers:

  • Bankruptcy Real Estate Appraisal,
  • Pre-Purchase Real Estate Appraisal
  • FSBO’s Real Estate Appraisal
  • PMI Removal Real Estate Appraisal
  • Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales Real Estate Appraisal
  • Tax Assessment Appeals Real Estate Appraisals.
  • Rebuttal Real Estate Appraisal

(if you had your home appraisal done, but you have some areas of concern regarding that appraisal report** Call for Free consultation **)

Real Estate Appraisal Process

The primary reason for the subject home appraisal inspection is to gather information about the characteristics of the property that are relevant to its value. After inspection, the appraiser uses two or three different approaches in developing a credible verifiable appraisal report to determining the value of the property including a sales comparison approach, a cost approach and in the case of investment or rental properties, an income approach.


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