Electrical Troubleshooting

No need to stress about finding reliable electrical troubleshooting companies in Brooklyn NY now that you’ve found us. With efficiency and diligence, we give our clients safe and agile electrical repairs that they can count on.

Electrical Troubleshooting

New Wiring Installation

Our company is well-reputed for new wiring installations in Brooklyn NY. We provide our clients with complete design and coordinate all the way through the installation phase. You can also call us for electrical vehicle chargers’ installations.

New Wiring Installation

Lighting Installations

L&B Electrical Int is your best choice when you need lighting design and installations. From installing recessed lighting directly to the installation of temporary power services, we comply with safety standards throughout our services. Our electricians are certified professionals, here to cater to your requests.

Lighting Installations

Your Best Option When You Need Electrical Troubleshooting Services In Brooklyn NY

Our Company

Serving with integrity, L&B Electrical Int has been operating in Brooklyn NY for the past many years. We’ve provided a diverse range of services, and have delivered expertise that is second to none. From electrical troubleshooting to lighting installations, fire alarm to new wiring installations, we ensure relentlessness throughout the job.

Certified Pros

The intriguing element about L&B Electrical Int is its team of technicians that are certified and licensed in handling electrical troubleshooting services. You’ll find our contractors devoted and diligent in their expertise. We go above and beyond your expectations, offering incomparable services in compliance with safety standards.

Our Diverse Solutions

L&B Electrical Int offers a number of competitive services, including:

  • Electrical troubleshooting services
  • Lighting installations
  • Temporary power services
  • CCTV installations
  • Fire alarm installations
  • Beaker box and meter repair
  • Home inspection repairs

Apart from that, we offer:

  • Service update, Felicia removal, boiler work, video intercom installations
  • All kind of motor & pump services
  • Doorbell, new wiring, and all king light & power including sign.

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