Artificial Turf Installation

We make the best artificial turf carpets with our most advanced production technology, our company provides artificial turfs all over the world, we as a company aim to provide the most professional artificial turf installer services. We have been providing the best artificial turf installation in Colorado Springs CO. We have turfs for different purposes, may it be for homes, for lawn or sports, our turfs will not disappoint.

Artificial Turf Installation

Synthetic Grass Installers

Are your lawns looking dull and managing them has been a headache? Our artificial grass rugs are here for the rescue. Looking for the “best synthetic turf installer near me?” Well, look no further! Our artificial grass wholesale rates and best artificial grass installation will definitely exceed your expectations. Our professional synthetic turf installers’ services are available all across Colorado Springs CO.

Synthetic Grass Installers

Turf For Pets & Playgrounds

Long gone are the days when you had to maintain a turf for your sport needs, not only are they really expensive to maintain, they aren’t even that durable. Our line of artificial sports turfs includes, playground turf, golf turf or putting green turf, astro turf, etc. which is specially designed to maximize hours of usage with minimum and cheap maintenance.

Turf For Pets & Playgrounds

Realturf USA, your one-stop for all kinds of Artificial turf installation Services In Colorado Springs CO, at factory rates.

Our Company

We at Realturf have been providing exclusive artificial turf installation services over 15 years. With the most advanced production technology, we aim to provide our customers with exclusive an artificial turf installation service for all your needs. Whether it is artificial turf for home, playground pad, affordable artificial turf carpets, or k9 turf specially designed for animals; we have it all at factory rates. We’ve built our company on the foundations of professionalism, honesty and utmost customer satisfaction.

How We Work

We have gathered the perfect equipment and perfected our craft over the years. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified, ensuring top quality in design, development, production, artificial turf installation and after-sales service of our company. We custom design lawn types for different applications, parameters like fiber type, height, color, curl, etc. our top-quality equipment melts the desired material and extrudes it to make threads that are further stretched to make strong fibers. Afterward, specialized machines sew the fibers together to make an artificial turf, these machines are supervised by our trained supervisors to make sure there are no imperfections.

Assurance Of Quality

Looking online for “the best artificial turf installation near me” or  Are you skeptical about the quality of synthetic turf provided to you? Hiring us comes with the assurance that you will get the best services/products, which include:


  • Sport Turfs
  • Artificial Turf Carpets
  • K9 Turf
  • Astro Turf
  • Artificial Grass Rugs
  • Artificial Turf Installation for Lawn and Homes , Playgrounds, and Sport Arenas

Free Estimates

Not sure how much will our artificial turf cost and are afraid to ask? Well, no need to worry! Our company provides free estimates when you hire us for artificial turf installation! Our team of professionals is at your disposal. Once you call us, we guide you through everything you need to know and provide you with the best options for your case.

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