GPS Junk and Hauling Service Alexandria VA


GPS Junk and Hauling Service Alexandria VA

GPS Junk and Hauling Service is proud to offer effective and efficient junk and hauling service in Alexandria, VA since long. We are the provider of full junk removal services. No commercial and residential job is too big or too small for our experienced and trained crew members who use the most advanced techniques and tools to clean up the site in the best possible way. They can handle all types of junk and ensure proper disposal, recycling and donation. Our well equipped trucks can lift almost every kind of material from the site. After the completion of the project, workers clean up all the area and do not leave anything behind. Flexible appointment, economical pricing, fast speed, same day service, remarkable client handling, free estimates, convenient pick up, guaranteed satisfaction and in time results are our driving factors. We always suggest in time cleaning services to create a positive impact in the minds of visitors. You can easily loss attractive business deal with ordinary looking exteriors. Please do not hesitate to contact us today at


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