GPS Cabinets Atlanta GA


GPS Cabinets Atlanta GA

            The kitchen is the heart of a house, where the life of a party begins and ends, the conception of family gatherings originates; it’s a venue for spills and masterpieces and the scene of midnight meetings. The nucleus of the kitchen is the cabinetry. They are the only permanently fixed furniture piece and more importantly the most expensive investment you as a homeowner will make. At GPS we get this, which is why we execute immediate turn around installations, eliminate third party mark-ups and have negotiated buying power both domestically and abroad from leading manufacturers. From the point you place your order to the time we complete installation our expert craftsman is dedicated to your home’s specific needs and more importantly your vision.

GPS specializes in all wood cabinetry with designer styles and colors, as well as, customizable features and components for single and multi-family dwellings. Whether you are a homeowner, individual contractor, builder, manufacturer, distributor or reseller we are equipped to help you discover or invent your ideal kitchen without leveling the bank account.

            Local customers are welcome to visit our designer studio and showroom where you can select from a wide range of products, styles and colors. However, you do not have to live in our local area to benefit from GPS’s unique schedule and price structure. We offer 3-D renderings, itemized product lists and step by step layouts for your local contractor to complete your project.

At GPS we care about our customer’s ideas and recognize the kitchen is a pivotal place in the home. We believe our wide range of styles, spanning the spectrum of classical to modern, will create a space inside a realistic budget that is, not only a personal sanctuary, but will also last a lifetime. 

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