GPS Speed Strength Chevy Chase MD


GPS Speed Strength Chevy Chase MD

GPS Speed Strength is a highly recognized place in Chevy Chase, MD that provides exceptional training programs for the athletes to help them get ready for the pro day. We have the team of professional coaches and trainers that have years of experience in college and professional football, baseball, and other sports. We do not only help an athlete sprint, but we also teach them the right way to sprint. We produce the best results because we believe in the science-based speed and agility training.

Youth Training Programs in Chevy Chase, MD

If your age is between 8 to 11 years and you are looking for the best summer camps, then we can help you with the best training facilities and coaching staff. In this training program we will introduce the dynamic warm ups. The student will work on the first-step movement and getting the body-weight training. You will have the choice to choose between the personal training and group training, while also learning the injury prevention and core stabilization.

Intermediate & Advanced Training Programs in Chevy Chase, MD

Our advanced training program is intended for the students of 15 plus while the ones who are between 12 to 14 can opt for the intermediate athletic training program. The advanced training program is to enhance the overall fitness level of the athlete by working on his speed and strength and the intermediate program will integrate the first step movement into the dynamic running form.

Pro Combine Training Programs in Chevy Chase, MD

The adult athletes can join our pro combine training programs that are to train them like a pro. With strength sessions, movement sessions, position specific sessions, pillar prep, recovery and regeneration session, and linear movement, the athlete will be able to get the best speed training and performance training at the same time.

Boot Camps

There are three different boot camps that we offer to the adults. These programs can help you reduce stress, increase energy, and lose your weight and the classes are offered 3 days a week. You are going to experience 100% results because we do not have the top coaching staff, but also state-of-the-art training facilities too.


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