Adventure Escape Games

An hour has never felt shorter than it does in our escape rooms’ games in Carolina Beach NC. We have found out the skill set in adventure escape games, which is why we provide the people of the town with the best escape games in a highly realistic themed series of rooms. Search for "the escape rooms near me," and you'll find us on the top of the search engine list. With us, it's an hour like you've never experienced before.

Adventure Escape Games

Horror Escape Games

Are you looking for a scary escape games room in Carolina Beach NC, why not check out our zombie game escape room? In our horror escape games room, you’ll be challenged on your ability to solve problems, communicate, and stay calm under pressure. If you like challenges, then our horror escape games are right for you! We take pride in providing our customers with immersive horror escape game experience.

Horror Escape Games

Corporate Building Activities

Trust us; our escape game rooms are perfect for corporate character and confidence building activities as they promote problem-solving and communication skills. Our escape room games in Carolina Beach NC require players to the workgroup, which is why they have become more renowned for team building. So, why wait, join us now as a group and triumph over obstacles. Call us to book your appointments.

Corporate Building Activities

Experience Utmost Terror With Our Scary Escape Room Games In Carolina Beach NC!

About Us!

We are a locally owned and operated entertainment company that specializes in indoor escape rooms and haunted build props. We have been in the domain for almost 2 years and have a variety of immersive and challenging puzzle games that will make your time an entertaining one. With our escape room games, we'll surely put your communication and problem-solving skills to test.

Our Specials!

Our escape room games are inevitable! But what if you do you not feel comfortable with a bunch of strangers? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you lurking in the dark with them. All our bookings are private bookings! So quit worrying about being stuck with strangers, rather we let you enjoy with your friends and family members. Still not special enough?

  • Thursday: Ladies night - 15% off
  • Wednesday: Gents night - 15% off
  • Monday: Student Night - 15% off

Our Wide Range Of Games Rooms

We are among the top entertainment business brand in Carolina Beach NC and have been developing the best escape games for our customers for a couple of years. Below is a list of the game rooms that we have:

  • TSA Game Room
  • WWIII Game Room
  • Mystery Rooms
  • Mission Escape Games Room
  • Puzzle Escape Games Room
  • Mystery Escape Games Room
  • Adventure Escape Games Room

Will You Escape?

If you are really looking for a scary escape room that incorporates your darkest terror into the game, we are the ones you should really visit. So, do you think that you have what it takes to escape before the time runs out?

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