GPS Elecrtical Services Dunwoody GA


GPS Elecrtical Services Dunwoody GA

GPS Electrical Services is known for matchless quality services, economical service charges, and outstanding 24-hour customer support. We are proudly serving the locals of Alpharetta, GA as a number one electrical service company, having client satisfaction as its first priority. We offer any kind of electrical upgrade and repair work including commercial and domestic security systems installation, electrical wiring and rewiring, appliance repair, and more.

When the company was established, we decided that we are going to help the community with exceptional work standards and we have to touch the sky limits in order to become the number one choice of people. Whether it is computer networking, phone networking, new electrical wiring, or panel upgrades, we hired the industry’s top technicians to ensure the greatest quality work. With consistency in our quality work and economical rates, we quickly managed to get the number one spot in the industry.

Now, we conduct regular training sessions on the latest developments in the electrical industry to keep our staff fully aware of the latest electrical fixtures and equipment such as backup power generators, access systems, hot tubs and spas, security systems, and more. This enables our professional staff to deliver the best quality services in a reliable manner.

We have the overhead cranes, equipment wiring, recessed wiring, and all the necessary electrical equipment that you might be looking for. Whether you are finding a reliable ceiling fan installation or you need someone expert in power door controls, we have the best brains and equipment to ensure a good job done. Call us now to get more information on our electrical services or to hire us for your project.


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