GPS Elecrtical Services Atlanta GA


GPS Elecrtical Services Atlanta GA

GPS Electrical Services is a reputable electrical company specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical transmission and distribution systems. We are committed to safety, quality, and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you want us to have a look at your old electrical wiring for issues, or you want us to install the whole new electrical wiring in your house, we have the tools, technology, and the professional workforce to do it.

Some of our electrical services include ceiling fan installation, appliance repair, outdoor lighting, installing security systems and all the other electrical fixtures in residential and commercial buildings.  We have employed the industry’s top technicians that are expert in electrical upgrade work, access systems, panel upgrades, and all other electrical jobs.

As a leading electrical company in the United States, our services are offered to both commercial and residential clients with same dedication and integrity. Doesn’t matter if a client has come to us for installing hot tubs and spas or if he needs our services for equipment wiring, we will ensure them the guaranteed quality work and treat them like a VIP client.

We are always very keen to retain the number one spot that we have earned in the industry. For that, we arrange for regular training and workshops and provide the most professional and the latest equipment to our staff. We also deal in all the electrical equipment you might need for your home or commercial space such as backup power generators, overhead cranes, or any other electrical equipment like that. We are only a single call away from you and always ready to serve you with our 24/7 presence.


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