QRG Phone Repair Hyattsville MD


QRG Phone Repair Hyattsville MD

QRG Mobile is a mobile service that offers on-the-spot specialized Apple screen repair services, round-the-clock. I am an experienced Apple screen repair specialist that comes to you, whether you have broken screen iPhone or iPad, to help you with an immediate fix in a fast and reliable manner. With a quick turnaround time, I will ensure that every job will be done in a fast and professional manner.

Screen repairs at your location within 30 minutes with 60 days warranty

I can meet the clients at the locations that are convenient for them. Whether you need the iPhone or iPad repair services at the local restaurant, Starbucks, or any other business place, I will be quickly off to that location with all the professional tools/parts and perform the repair within just 30 minutes. Isn’t it the convenience at its best? Of course, it is. And don’t worry about the work quality as all the repairs are offered with a 60 days warranty.

I only use the highest quality parts to ensure quality

I only use the high quality parts for Apple mobile repair because I know if I have to offer guaranteed quality work, then it is only possible with the highest quality repair parts. So, you can stay relaxed that your damaged Apple screen is going to get the best fix that will be very close to the genuine.

Premium tempered glass screen protectors to protect your Apple screen

I can also help the customers with premium tempered glass screen protectors to help you protect your Apple mobile’s screen from damage in the future. I am a professionally experienced and certified Apple screen repair specialist to perform iPad and iPhone repair in a fast and convenient way. If you have an Apple device with a broken screen and want to get it fixed quickly at your location, then you can contact me through text or email, round-the-clock.


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