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All of us are desperate to know about the peak time of his/ her life, upcoming challenges, inner abilities, love life and destiny. With the help of past life reading, future life is explained. Teresa is a well known psychic reader of Manassas, Va. her thirty (30) years of experience has brought her work to a complete perfection. She uses different, unique, modern methods like eyes reading, rune stone reading, aram reading to tell the fortune of her clients. People belonging various age groups and almost every field of life are her clients. She helps them explore their own personalities and utilizes their hidden abilities to be a much better person. Family issues or advice for love are the most common topics discussed with Teresa and she provides the most accurate readings due to her vast experience. Tea leaf reading is an old method of fortune telling in which patterns made by tea leaves in a cup are read. Coffee reading is the modern branches of this. But a coffee grind is a bit time consuming as we have to wait until it settles and dries in the cup.

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