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Bob Romea Roofing Offers The Best Roofing Service In Solon OH!

Are you looking for a roofing contractor that is proficient in commercial and residential roofing? If yes, then you have come to the right place because Bob Romea Roofing in Solon OH is famous for its commercial roofing service and residential roofing service.

As a roofing company, Bob Romea Roofing is capable of roofing repair, new roof installation, and is proficient with a variety of roofing materials. We can easily handle TPO roofing, EPDM roofing, rubber roofing, roof waterproofing, shingle roofing, and metal roof. Instead of searching for ‘roofing companies near me,’ you can directly reach out to us and enjoy a reliable roofing service at affordable rates.

Our Affordable Roofing Service & What It Entails!

We are a team of professionals who have received formal training and are well-versed with the latest roofing techniques. We use our extensive knowledge in conjunction with the latest and most efficient methods to deliver optimal results in minimal time.

A correctly installed roof by a professional roofer can last for decades. That is the kind of quality we aim for during our craft. We go all out to make sure that we surpass the expectations of our clients via our superb work and courteous team members. Bob Romea Roofing has ample experience in serving the residential and commercial sector of Solon OH.

You can stop searching for the ‘best roofing company near me’ because you have found a business that has gained an outstanding reputation for its roofing service. We work with a commitment to excellence and make sure that everything has been accounted for during our service. We offer the following as part of our roofing service;

  • Roofing Repair
  • New Roof Installation
  • Roof Waterproofing

Regardless of the service you hire us for, rest easy because we are skilled and know what needs to be done and devise the most effective way of doing it. Our roofing service is divided into two sections;

  • Commercial Roofing Service
  • Residential Roofing Service

TPO Roofing

Thanks to our experience, we can easily handle TPO roofing and are proficient in TPO roof installation. You can also count on us for your TPO roof repair.

EPDM Roofing

We can also manage EPDM roofing without breaking a sweat. Each member of our team is well-versed and knowledgeable when it comes to EPDM roofing.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is one of the most favored roofing types in Solon OH. We appreciate this and have armed ourselves with the requisite knowledge and are always looking for ways to improve our roofing service. We offer affordable shingle roof installation in minimal time.

Metal Roof

As a metal roof contractor in Solon OH, Bob Romea Roofing excels at metal roof installation.

Roof Waterproofing

We also offer roof waterproofing service to our customers.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

You will be enjoying the following perks when you hire our roofing services;

  • Skilled & Courteous Team Members
  • Affordable Rates
  • Exemplary Customer Care
  • Best-Quality Materials

Roofs are an integral part of any home and office and need to be treated accordingly. That is why you should refrain from attempting DIY works on your roof and also stay clear of amateur and non-professional roofing services that will be using your roof as training grounds. Always rely on a professional roofing contractor such as Bob Romea Roofing to take care of your roofing needs. We are one of the most skilled roofing companies in Solon OH and offer the best roofing service at affordable rates to our customers. We are proficient in new roof installation, roofing repair, and roof waterproofing. Thanks to our experience, we can expertly handle TPO roofing, EPDM roofing, rubber roofing, shingle roofing, and metal roof. We offer residential roofing service and commercial roofing service. Call us to learn more about us and to procure our services!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 330-775-4085

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