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Welcome To Hudson Hammer Contracting In Carroll Gardens NY!

Hudson Hammer Contracting has been serving Carroll Gardens NY and surrounding areas with its construction services. We are renowned in the area for our dedication to work and affordable rates.

As a contractor, we are proficient when it comes to the flat roof, shingle roof, TPO roof, EPDM roof, rubber roof, Firestone roof, and GAF roof. We also offer expert brickwork including brick walls installation and brick repair. You can also count on us for installation of steps and sidewalk, stoop construction, stucco work, and cement work. We are especially proud of our craft and customer satisfaction.

Our Diverse Services At Affordable Rates!

Finding the right construction company in Carroll Gardens NY and surrounding areas has never been easier; reach out to us and get yourself the best possible construction service at affordable rates. Each member of our team has undergone strict training and is committed to excellence. As a team, they work to achieve the desired results in minimal time.

We provide roofing services, cement work, brickwork, stucco work, and stoop construction to our customers. Our skilled workers come equipped with proper tools for the job and strive for excellence in their craft. Our customers love us because of the fact that we genuinely care about their construction projects and go above and beyond to make sure that everything is prim and proper.

Roofing Services

You can count on us for your roofing needs without worry about the quality of work and the cost of hiring us. That is because our team members make sure that the highest possible standards of quality are being maintained in all of our projects and because our prices are budget-friendly.

Under the banner of our roofing services, we cater to the following kinds of the roof;

  • Flat Roof
  • Shingle Roof
  • TPO Roof
  • EPDM Roof
  • Rubber Roof
  • Firestone Roof
  • GAF Roof

Whether you need a new roof installed or repairs on the existing ones, you can count on our roofing services to meet your needs professionally.

Brick Work

Apart from our experienced roofing services, we are also experts at brickwork. You can rely on our masons for your brick walls installation and brick repair work in Carroll Gardens NY. Our brickwork is famous in the town because of the attention to detail that we work with. Thanks to the superior work ethics of our team, the result of our brickwork is spectacular, to say the least. We can uplift your residential and commercial building using our skilled brickwork.

Cement Work

Cement work requires skill and due diligence. Lucky for you, that is what we are all about! Each member of our team works with due diligence and is highly skilled. You can rely on us for your sidewalk install and steps install.

We are also proficient when it comes to stoop construction, stucco work, and cement stucco. We only rely on the best quality materials for our cement work and never compromise on the integrity of our craft by settling for mediocre products.

Why Should You Hire Us?

You can avail the following benefits when you hire us in Carroll Gardens NY and surrounding areas;

Exceptional Customer Experience

We take our customers to be the number one priority. We genuinely care about our clients and strive to meet their needs promptly. Each member of our team is courteous towards the customers and ensures that they are treated with respect. We will answer all of your queries and shall walk you through our construction processes to impart a better understanding of it to you.

Affordable Rates!

We are in the business to create satisfied customers, not to empty your wallets. Each service of ours has been priced fairly. We provide detailed estimates to our clients and never increase the cost of our service by adding hidden charges. In fact, we are as transparent in our dealings as is possible to ensure maximum possible customer satisfaction.

Skilled Workers

Our workers have successfully completed their rigorous training before we have allowed them to go out and serve our customers. You can rest assured because professionals will be in charge of any service that you hire us for.

If you’re looking for a construction service that is reliable and capable, then you’ve come to the right place. Hudson Hammer Contracting is the name that is synonymous with quality and trust in Carroll Gardens NY. We offer roofing services that include the flat roof, shingle roof, TPO roof, EPDM roof, rubber roof, Firestone roof, and GAF roof. We are also proficient in brickwork including brick walls installation and brick wall repair. We are also adept at cement work including sidewalk install, steps install, stoop construction, stucco work, and cement stucco. Call us to learn more about our services and to hire us! 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 718-451-6339

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  • Flat Roof
  • Shingle Roof
  • EPDM Roof
  • Gaf Roof
  • Sidewalk Install
  • Stoop Construction
  • Cement Work
  • Brick Walls Installation
  • Brickwork

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