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Keep It Clean is known for it best carpet cleaning service in Simi Valley CA. Whether it is your residential carpet cleaning or commercial, we do it all.

Our professional carpet cleaners are known for their reliable carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. We use the latest techniques to ensure professional carpet cleaning for each client. We take pride in being making your carpets germ free and spot free, giving you a healthy environment to live in.

Contact us today to make your carpets fresh with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning products.

Services We Offer

Keep It Clean covers all the cleaning needs so that you do not have to worry about making your homes or offices safe and protective. Explore our services and see how our professional cleaners can help you with their exceptional services such as;

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet traps a lot of dust resulting in an unhygienic environment in your home and office. We offer our professional services to ensure that you live in safe surroundings and stay away from diseases.

Our team of professionals has learned the art of carpet cleaning. We have been using modern techniques and tools to ensure that you get reliable carpet cleaning. Our professional team is responsible while working on your carpet and restore it in its best possible condition.

Carpet Cleaning can be a DIY, but it takes a lot of time and energy, yet the results are not effective. We have been doing this for years and are capable of accomplishing cleaning task in minimal time. No matter how rough your carpet is, our superior cleaning service can make it better. We take care of your carpet fibers and work gently to make them spot free. We take pride in being one of the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Simi Valley CA.

So, stop wasting time and energy on scrubbing the dirt out of your carpets. Just like our pressure washing expertise, our carpet cleaning service will also give quality cleaning results. Contact us today and let our professionals handle the cleaning load.

Pressure Washing

Removing dust and dirt from the floors and tiles can be a daunting task and regular cleaning fails there. That is why we offer our professional pressure washing service to make your property attractive. We have been doing this for years and understand the cleaning need of every floor, deck, and patio. Our pressure washing team is expert in handling each job in a systematic manner, keeping your property safe.

Whether you choose our residential pressure washing or commercial, we visit your place to analyze the need for cleaning. We are famous in the area for our exceptional pressure washing service with effective results. Our pressure washing technique may vary on the bases of your floor type and the amount of dirt attached. We assure that our pressure washing service will give amazing cleaning results.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the mold and mildew as our pressure washing service will remove them, making your hygienic. So, contact us today and make your property germ-free.

Floor Polishing

Apart from pressure cleaning service, we offer dependable floor polishing to make your floors like new. Our professional cleaners know the art of making each floor like new with their superior floor polishing service. Despite how bad your floors are, we always have a solution to restore them in its best possible condition.

When you choose us for your floors, we ensure to provide reliable floor polishing service that stays on your floors for a bit longer time. With us, you do not have to worry about anything. We began our process with floor cleaning to remove all the debris or dust particles from the floor. We do our best to fulfill the purpose of floor polishing, making it newer, shinier and smoother.

Contact us today and get shiny floors at affordable rates by our professionals.

Odor Removal

Are you tired of bad smells in your home? Maybe we can help.

Our team knows the secrets of removing odor from your property, making them fresh. We work precisely to ensure that your home has no bad smell in it. No matter how tough the job is, our professionals know how to handle it. We have multiple options to remove the odor from your property. Do not worry, we are affordable.

Benefits of Hiring Us

Here are the reasons why you need our professionals;

Years of Experience

We have been in cleaning business for years, providing reliable services to the residents of Simi Valley CA. Our experience enables us to accomplish each task in a timely manner, leaving your property sparkling and germ-free. No matter what type of cleaning you need, we always have a solution to serve you with the best services.

We have a Licensed Team

Keep It Clean has a licensed team that provides remarkable cleaning services such as pressure washing and carpet cleaning. In addition to our professional cleaning services, our licensed team also provide floor polishing and odor removal services so that you can have an attractive property without spending many dollars.

First-Rate Customer Service

We listen to our customers and try to understand their cleaning needs. We know what your expectations are from a reliable cleaning company. We go the extra mile to meet your expectations with our high-end cleaning services. We never leave any job undone. From the start of every cleaning project until it ends, we stay in touch with our clients to ensure quality services.

We are Affordable

 Whether you choose our pressure washing service or floor polishing, we do not compromise on our quality. For every cleaning service, we offer affordable rates so that you do not resist taking our help.

Keep It Clean offers multiple solutions for your property cleaning that includes residential and commercial pressure washing service, carpet cleaning, and floor polishing. Apart from these, our professionals also offer odor removal services to make your environment safe and protective.

Contact us today to get a free price quote for our cleaning services in Simi Valley CA. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 310-857-8673

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