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Learn About Your Home with Our Home Inspections in Tigard OR

Clear Choice Home Inspections help in knowing your home condition with professional home inspection solutions in Tigard OR. Our home inspection includes the following;

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

During our pre-listing and pre-purchase home inspection, we do a thorough inspection to provide an authentic report about the condition of your home. Our home inspection specialist offers radon testing, air quality testing, mold testing, roof inspection, crawl space inspection, asbestos testing and electrical inspection.

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Services We Offer

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Before you enlist your home for sale, our professionals recommend a home inspection to analyze the condition of your home. Our pre-listing home inspection explores the potential problems of your house so that you can make a timely decision regarding the repairs. 

The pre-listing home inspection will have a positive effect on the sale price of your home.  

Our pre-listing home inspection includes;

  • Building structure
  • Driveways, patio, and decks
  • Drainage system and more.
  • Electric Inspection
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Major Structural Components

Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Think for a minute before making a big investment in buying a house. For your peace of mind, take help from our expert home inspectors. Our home inspection covers every corner of the property so that they do not miss anything.

Hiring our professionals for pre-purchase home inspection is also essential as you cannot trust your general contractor. The report presented by a general contractor is not as authentic as provided by a professional and experienced home inspector. We have the experience of inspecting homes for years, providing an unbiased report.

Unlike general home contractors, we use state-of-the-art technologies for mold testing, radon testing, and air quality testing. We are well-known for our use of thermal imaging during a home inspection in Tigard OR.

Our Home Inspection Specialties

Roof Inspections

We provide effortless roofing inspections and can identify the underlying issues in it. Our roof inspectors have years of experience in the field and will test all parts of the roof including shingles, gutters, etc. Roof Inspections will help you to make necessary amends to the roofing system and this will increase its lifespan. We have the right tools and use modern techniques to inspect all parts of the roofing system. Contact us today to learn more!

Mold Inspections

We have years of experience in mold inspection, finding out the source of your allergies caused by mold growth. Mold usually grows in the corners of your home that cannot be easily seen.

We use the modern tools and techniques that ensure every corner of your home is inspected properly. Call us today to get rid of unwanted mold growth from your house and have a safe indoor environment for living.

Mold/Air Quality Testing

We also offer air quality testing for your home to ensure that you breathe in fresh air and stay healthy.  There are many invisible contaminants present in the air that can affect your health. Our home inspection service makes your air clean by using modern tools. Bad air quality can be a result of poor ventilation systems but do not worry, our home inspectors can help you in improving the air quality.

Roof Inspection

Our home inspection services inspect your roof as well so that you can live in a safe structure. Our roof inspectors are capable of inspecting your roof to investigate the material, leaks, and damages caused to your roof.

Thermal Imaging

We have been a prominent name in home inspection industry because of our thermal imaging. This modern technology enables us to detect moisture present inside your building, resulting in mold growth. This is one the fastest and easiest way to find moisture as infrared cameras will instantly detect the level of moisture by the change in temperature. Our home inspection report includes the result of thermal imaging so that you can understand the building’s condition better.

Electrical Inspections

Our home inspection technicians have a vast knowledge of the systems installed in your house. They are familiar with all sort of electrical systems and inspect them to ensure they are functional. During our electrical inspection, we try our best to highlight all the potential issues with your electrical system so that you can make necessary arrangements to make it better.

Why Our Home Inspectors Are Exceptional

Certified Home Inspector

We have a team of certified home inspectors for home inspections in Portland, OR. They are qualified to provide the service you have been looking for to make your home better. Being certified for a home inspection, it is easy for our clients to trust our abilities. We try our best to meet the industrial standards for home inspection services.

Years of Experience

Since we have been in home inspection services, we have provided exceptional service to each one of our clients. Our experience enables us to deal with every problem that may occur during the inspection.

Competitive Pricing

We have gained a great reputation in the industry based on home inspection experience. However, our home inspection charges are still reasonable.  Contact us today and book your home inspection service at affordable rates.

Buying or selling a home is a big investment and we help you in making the right decision. That is why our home inspection service is available in Tigard OR at affordable rates. Our licensed and certified technicians inspect every corner of your home thoroughly and make a detailed report that covers all the problematic areas. Our report will help you in making timely decisions for your home.

With our home inspection services, you can have the much-needed peace of mind. Our home inspection team is responsible and will not miss any corner of your property during the inspection process. We are here to provide authentic reports about your home’s condition so that you can take necessary measures before buying or selling it.

If you are confused about the report compiled by our experts, do not hesitate to ask questions. Contact our home inspection professionals today and get the service done rightly.

Clear Choice Home Inspections in Tigard OR has served thousands of clients, providing each client with professional home inspection service. Whether you choose us for pre-listing home inspection or pre-purchase home inspection, our efficient home inspectors are available. Schedule your meeting with our experts today and get a price quote. 

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  • Pre Listing Home Inspector
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  • Mold/Air Quality Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Roof Inspections
  • Asbestos Testing

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