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Since 2014, Austin’s Pool has been providing professional pool cleaning services in Boynton Beach FL. We take pride in making your pools clean and safe for you. With years of experience, we have mastered the cleaning skills and meet the industrial cleaning standards for each job.

Our pool cleaning services include pool tile cleaning, pool liner repair, pool water cleaning and swimming pool cleaning. Whether you need residential or commercial pool cleaning services, we are available with a licensed team. Our team has the dependable tools and use modern techniques for providing pool cleaning services, which makes the process easier.

Our weekly pool cleaning services have a systemized way that includes brushing the walls, scrubbing the line tile, cleaning the filter cartridge and vacuuming the floor. Call us today and make your pools clean with our dry chemical system that keep the chemical level constant throughout the week. Get a free price quote from the cleaning expert today.

Pool Cleaning Services by Our Professionals

Pools are a great investment in a home or any commercial building that is why we here in Boynton Beach FL to help you keeping your pools functional for a longer period.

Pool tile cleaning

With the exposure to dust/dirt and excessive water, particles stick on the pool tiles. Our pool cleaning services help you make your pool tiles clean so that you can swim in fresh water. We use safe methods to clean your tiles so that their original beauty can be restored. Our cleaning equipment is customized and specially designed to clean the calcium safely. No matter what type of tiles you have in your pool, we can bring the shine back yet keeping them safe.

Pool tiles cleaning can be a DIY task, however, our professionals will save you from hectic cleaning and scrubbing. With us, your time is safe as our technicians are efficient and fast to do the assigned job in a timely manner. So, why to take scrubbing burden, when we are here. Call us today and book our pool cleaning services at affordable rates.

Pool liner repair

Our pool cleaning services include pool liner repair to keep the water level constant in your pools. When you book us for the pool services, our qualified team inspect the pools and take accurate measurements for pool liner repair. Pool liner repair follows a lot of steps that includes cutting, skimmer, and installation. From the beginning of the project, our experts remain on site to ensure that you get the best services for your pools. We keep a close eye on every detail making your pools properly functional.

Pool Water Cleaning

When you book our pool cleaning services for your residential and commercial pools, we ensure that you get professional cleaning services every time. We have been working in the industry for many years, making your pool water clean.

We offer weekly services for your pools and try our best to use fewer chemicals to keep the pools clean. Our experts recommend pool cleaning frequently so that you can enjoy in a clean water. Contact us today and let our professionals help you in making your pools valuable.

Pool Maintenance

Our pool cleaning services involve weekly pool maintenance facilities so that you can swim in a safe enclosure. Our maintenance services ensure that your pool stay safe forever. Our maintenance services include;

  • Chemical balancing of the water
  • Clean the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Check your pools are operational or not
  • Overall diagnosis of your pool

Why choose Austin Pool Service for your Pools

Certified Technicians and Cleaners

Our team for pool cleaning services is licensed and insured, making your pool water clear. Our team undergoes a complete background test so that you have a trustworthy pool cleaning services. With us, you do not have to worry, as our technical team is responsible to ensure quality cleaning and repairing.


Our experience makes us efficient in diverse pool cleaning services. With years of experience in handling the commercial and residential pools, we are the ultimate solution provider when it comes to pool maintenance and pool repairs. 

Diverse Services

Our exceptional pool cleaning services are what you need for making your pools fresh and new. Apart from pool cleaning services, we offer repair services for the pools. Our experts will be with you throughout the pool maintenance project and will provide you viable tips to keep your pool clean and functional for a long time

Our experts are ready to serve your residential and commercial pools with systemized pool cleaning services that includes pool wall cleaning, line tiles scrubbing, cleaning and changing the filter cartridge and vacuuming the floor.

Customer Services

Over the years, we have learned the techniques of providing reliable pool cleaning services that our clients have been expecting. We believe that a happy customer is all you need to build a great reputation in the industry. Our skilled technicians and cleaners try their best to provide quality pool cleaning services. No matter how tough the job is, our team works until the smallest spot is removed from your pools.


What makes us special is our state-of-the-art cleaning services for your pools. We use a dry chemical system that reduces the effect of chlorine by 90%. We stand out among the different pool cleaning companies in Boynton Beach FL because of unique techniques and methods. We do not use the excessive chemical for swimming pool cleaning as they can be harmful. Trust the skills of our experts and make your pool water clean.

Austin pool service provides weekly commercial and residential pool cleaning services. While cleaning your pools, our professional cleaners keep your pools safe. We not only make the pool water clean but maintain your pools so that you can enjoy it safely. When you call us for our pool cleaning services in Boynton Beach FL, we come up with all the necessary tools to finish the job. Our weekly services make it easy for you to get pure water for fun every time.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a free price quote for our pool cleaning services. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 561-808-7114

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