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Looking For A Professional Home Inspection Service In Seattle WA?

Tri Country Home Inspection Services has been serving the area of Seattle WA with its exceptional home inspection service. Our staff is licensed and professionally trained and capable of providing a complete and thorough home inspection service.

As part of our home inspection service, we provide;

  • Residential Inspection
  • Building Inspection
  • Drywall Inspection
  • Basement Inspection
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Crawl Space Inspection and
  • Commercial Inspection

Instead of searching on the Internet for license home inspector, home inspector near me, home inspector, foundation inspector, basement inspector or inspection companies near me; reach out to us and avail our service in Seattle WA.

Our Home Inspection Service

Our home inspection service is divided into two main components;

  • Residential Inspection
  • Commercial Inspection

Both are a bit different because of the structural differences in properties that require inspection and regarding the kinds of issues that pop up. However, you can rest assured because our team is experienced in both types and delivers accurate results! Read on to find out more about our home inspection service components;

Residential Inspection

When you opt for our home inspection service to avail residential inspection, our home inspector will visit the property on the agreed upon time. Our home inspector is thorough and works meticulously to identify any and all issues in a home.

The home inspector will guide you in detail about our residential inspection process and will answer all of your queries. Our team of home inspectors is certified and licensed so you can rest easy knowing that professionals are in charge of carrying out your residential inspection.

Our clients prefer our services because of the courteous nature of our staff and because of their high-level quality of service. Our team will reach you on the agreed upon time (usually a few minutes earlier) and will get to work right away. The team is thorough and makes use of the latest equipment for identifying any issues.

You should avail our residential inspection service if you’re thinking of putting your house up on sale or if you’re thinking of buying a home or if you’re thinking of getting overall maintenance done of your house. Our home inspector can identify the issues, minor and major, thus enabling you to take timely and informed decisions.

Commercial Inspection

We are also famous in Seattle WA for our extraordinary commercial inspection service. Our commercial inspector is licensed and experienced and comes equipped with the right knowledge and equipment to provide you with a reliable and speedy commercial inspection. The commercial inspector will inspect your property thoroughly and shall leave no stones unturned to make sure that everything is okay. In case, there are issues; they will be listed and presented to you in the report.

Our home inspection service reports are easy to read and detailed. We are available round the clock for explaining the various sections of the report. Simply put; you can count on us to be there for you when you need us!

Our Home Inspection Service Specialty

What makes our home inspection service stands out from the competition in Seattle WA? It is our following specialties that help us stay on top of our game and ensure maximum possible customer satisfaction via our work quality and professional staff;

Drywall Inspection

The seemingly okay drywall could be spewing mold underneath the surface. Don’t worry though; our home inspector is capable of identifying any issues with your drywall via our resourceful drywall inspection.

Allow our home inspector to conduct a thorough drywall inspection of your home/office to ascertain if everything is okay with it. Our skilled home inspector can spot issues that might have been overlooked by an untrained eye and also brings the latest equipment on the job to ensure that where naked eye fails, technology can be utilized. We offer drywall inspection to both; commercial and residential sectors.

Basement Inspection

Our basement inspection is another one of our specialty. With our basement inspector, no issue will go unnoticed. The basement inspector will check your basement for any leakages or mold formation. All of the plumbing and other piping will be reviewed by a certified professional to make sure that everything is in order.

Foundation Inspection

The foundation is the cornerstone upon which your building rests. Therefore it is essential to have it inspected by a professional. We provide a high-quality foundation inspection, and our foundation inspector is second to none. With relevant experience and the right knowledge, our foundation inspector can tell you if the foundation in question is stable or not.

Crawl Space Inspection

We will go where most home inspectors won’t! Our crawl space inspector won’t shy away from crawl spaces and will ensure a reliable crawl space inspection.

You should always rely on our exceptional home inspection service in Seattle WA to take care of your property inspection.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Home Inspection Service

You get to enjoy the following benefits with our home inspection service;

License Home Inspector

Our home inspection service is licensed! That means every home inspection that we offer is up to the standard and quality-oriented.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is experienced and provides a phenomenal service to our clients. Our team members are well-versed with the latest home inspection techniques and make use of them for achieving optimal results.

Incredible Customer Care

Our service is built with customers as the central pillar. That’s why when you hire our home inspection service you get to enjoy exceptional customer care. We are a team of professionals that genuinely cares about its customers and always make sure that the customer is satisfied with our home inspection service.

Affordable Pricing

Our services are priced economically, and we don’t haggle our customers for money or charge them with hidden fees. Our estimates are fair and upfront!

A home inspection is a task that is best suited to professionals. You should always count on Tri Country Home Inspection Services for providing you with a reliable home inspection service in Seattle WA. We offer affordable services that promise a thorough home inspection with a comprehensive report. Call us and experience firsthand why we’re the best home inspection service in town!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 253-847-6181

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