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RCI International Process Service LLC has 30 years of experience in process service, serving the legal community with document delivery for law firms, court reporters, businesses and government agencies. Our process service is not limited to the residents of MD, we also serve the people nationwide. Our staff has experience of handling several hundred papers per month. Our services cover all the legal paperwork that includes summons and complaints, garnishments and notices for an attorney, court reporters, and government agencies.

RCI is a full-service legal support agency that provides service of process, skip tracing, asset searches as well as an array of complete investigative related services. We use state of the art technologies to provide professional service to our clients.

Why let non-professionals handle your legal papers when we are here in Taneytown MD? We are promising to provide you one of the best services around the town. We have earned a great reputation and have thousands of satisfied clients in MD. We take pride in providing successful results. Our mission is to communicate with you for your legal documentation and determine the needs to provide reliable results. We ensure honesty and professionalism while working with your legal documents. We go the extra mile to help you in establishing a professional relationship with clients and assist you in accomplishing your goals.

Services We Offer

Process Service

Handling the legal documents is not at all a stress-free task but we can do it effortlessly. We know that trusting someone with the legal documents can be hard for you but we are licensed to do the job. Our team takes the responsibility of providing you a process server that keeps your documents safe. By handing your documents to RCI legal process server, you are free from the worries. We take care of every document and keep the record so that you can focus on your business. Trust our process service for your legal documents and relax. Contact us to know more about our process service in Taneytown MD.

Background and Private Investigation

Hiring a trustworthy person for your company is very important as it is the matter of your privacy. We help you in hiring employees with our background and private investigation services. We have years of experience in helping companies to hire employees with a proper background investigation. Our investigation service includes;

  • Pre-Employment
  • Infidelity
  • Criminal History
  • Criminal Defense
  • Surveillance
  • Copyright And Trademark Infringement
  • Civil Litigation 

Assets Location

Dealing with the assets can be tough but do to worry when we are here to take the load. People may think that assets location service is done only for bankruptcy and default debt situations. But they are also helpful in divorce cases where family wealth is being divided between two parties. We work as a legal counsel using our experience and resources to assist in asset location for our clients. Asset location involves handling many documents but we can do it effortlessly. We have been in the industry for years dealing with many clients and provide reliable process service for their assets.

We also investigate for other financial areas that include real estate, vehicle holdings, material wealth, and more. We can also help identify the previous addresses linked to the subject of investigation. We keep an eye on every matter so that you can get the best services in the town.

Executive Protection

Apart from process service, we also provide executive protection ranging from a one on one escort to a team of highly trained agents and full secured motorcades. We offer multiple options so that every client can find us helpful for their legal documents. We have developed a good relationship with our clients, no matter if that is for a single assignment or a long-term relationship. We use advanced technology and state of the art methods of protective intelligence without interfering with the client’s personal matters. Each of our members is well equipped and actively responds to immediate threats against any individual, corporation, and employees.

Some of our clients include;

  • Fashion Designers
  • Movie Celebrities
  • Entertainment Celebrities
  • Business Executives
  • Wealthy Individuals

Our executive protection also offers you security solutions so that you live freely in safe surroundings. From personal close protection to residential and family protection, surveillance and more, we have a team that can handle all. With us, you can feel protected as we keep our clients’ needs as our top priority.

Whether you choose us for your legal documentation or close protection, we keep your personal information confidential. 

Apart from above-mentioned process service, we also help you with the services such as skip tracing, finding a missing person, employee theft, computer fraud, creditworthiness and more. Call us to know how our process service can help you.

Why Choose RCI Process Service


We have years of experience in providing process service to our clients in MD. Our experience makes us one of the best companies in the area.


We are licensed and insured to handle your legal documentation so that you do not have to worry. Focus on your business matters while we handle the legal documents.

Diverse service

We provide diverse services that meet the needs of every client.

RCI International Process Service LLC started serving the nation in 2004 with its process service and has expanded the business in the last 12 years providing full legal support from investigative services to process serving, asset location, skip tracing and more. We are one of the only firms to post our process service rates on the internet so that you know how affordable we are. Neither we charge you extra money nor do we believe in hidden charges. We do not interfere with your personal matters so that you can enjoy your daily routine and activities.

We value each one of our clients and provide a process service that ensures that the needs of the clients are being met properly. Contact us today to know more about our process service in Taneytown MD and how we can help you in handling your legal documents.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 410-693-8992

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