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Looking For Professional Residential Fence Service in Washington PA?

Your search for reliable residential fence service in Washington PA ends with Shortley Fencing & Gates. We have been providing the residents of Washington PA with a dependable residential fence service since 1991 and have made a name for our business thanks to our exalted services.

We are a family owned company that is famous for taking customer satisfaction seriously. We provide a high-quality residential fence service at a price that you can afford. We can provide you with a sturdy and aesthetically attractive addition to your home in Washington PA. Contact us now to learn more about us and our exceptional service.

Residential Fence Service

Fencing Installation

Homeowners decide to install fences for a variety of reasons. These reasons include privacy, security, and decoration. However, whatever the reason may be, each homeowner wants the finished product to last for years with little maintenance and add value to his/her home. We provide our customers in Washington PA with a vast range of fencing styles and provide professional installation as part of our residence fence service. Whether you’re looking for wood fence installation, residential vinyl fence installation or chain link fencing installation; we’ve got you covered with our expertly trained staff and top-notch products. Contact us now to enjoy a hassle-free fence installation in Washington PA!

Fencing Repair

Fences are an integral component of your home. Some of them might have been installed for the purpose of security or privacy or décor. Whatever the reason may have been, fencing does take a lot of beating and needs to be provided with prompt repair work if you wish for it to continue serving its purpose. We provide professional fence repair service in Washington PA at an affordable price as part of our residential fence service. Whether you’re looking for wood fence repair, vinyl fence repair or any other sort of fencing repair; contact us now and let’s get started.

Types of Fencing We Offer

Wood Fencing

Residential wood fencing is always popular among homeowners because of the beauty, privacy, and longevity that it offers. Wood, in itself, is a versatile material that is employed for a number of fencing applications. We provide high-quality wooden fences to our clients in Washington PA at an affordable price. We even help our clients decide which kind of wooden fence is right for them. Check out some of the options we provide;

Privacy Fence

Wooden fencing is used for privacy purposes mostly because it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic look. It can also be used for keeping your pets in the yard while keeping the unwanted pets out of it! Contact us now to learn more.

Picket Fence

This particular type is the most famous kind of wood fencing. It is used for different purposes and can be customized easily as per your needs.

Post And Rail Fence

Wood fencing is also a feasible solution for the post and rail fence. Our residential fence service is famous in Washington PA for its amazing workmanship and quality of products, contact us now to learn more!

Vinyl Fencing

The major advantage of using vinyl fencing is the fact that it requires no maintenance (or very little) and has an extended lifespan. It comes in different colors, textures, and options; get ready for residential vinyl fence installation in style! Check out the following benefits of vinyl fencing and contact us for a quote;

Maintenance Free

Vinyl comes with ultraviolet inhibitors that impart protection to material from the sun thus elongating the life of your vinyl fencing.

No Damage From Moisture Or Insects

Vinyl isn’t created from organic material and therefore isn’t prone to rust or damage from moisture, pests or insects.

Highly Durable

It is stronger and harder to break as opposed to wood. Despite that, it is still flexible and thus capable of holding up quite well in high winds.

Variety Of Styles

It comes in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. Contact us now and our expert staff will help you select the best possible vinyl fencing according to your landscape and budget.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is ideal for security reasons. It is a durable fencing that is capable of blending with your landscape and imparting protection to your property. It is considered to be one of the most practical options available in Washington PA. We highly suggest this kind of fencing for keeping your pets in the yard and for enclosing your garden. As part of our residential fence service, we provide chain link fencing installation for the following applications;

  • Security Fencing
  • Pet Enclosures
  • Yard Fencing
  • Privacy Fencing

Aluminum Fences

Many homeowners prefer aluminum fences because of the versatility and durability that they bring to the table. Such fences are common around pool areas, however, aluminum fencing can also be used for framing a garden, pet area or even the entire yard. The following reasons highlight the benefits of aluminum fences and the reason why many homeowners prefer them!


Aluminum fences provide the same aesthetic look that the conventional wrought-iron fence does but do it without throwing your budget off-balance.

Low Maintenance

This particular kind of fencing can survive different kinds of weather and go maintenance-free for several years.


Aluminum fences do not rust!


In comparison, aluminum fences are much harder to breach as compared to wood fences or chain link fences.


Aluminum fences can easily blend in with landscaping and are available in different styles.

Contact our residential fence service today and talk to our expert about which kind of fencing will best meet your needs!

As the highly sought after residential fence service in your town, we strive to provide our customers in Washington PA with the ideal fence for them. Our team is highly qualified and has years of experience when it comes to fencing installation and repair. Whether you’re looking for wooden fencing installation or repair, residential vinyl repair or residential vinyl fence installation, aluminum fences or chain link fencing; we’ve got you covered with our expert workmanship and affordable pricing!

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