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Get A Certified Home & Radon Inspection With Vanguard Home Services

Vanguard Home Services LLC is a multi-service firm that offers certified home inspection and radon inspection to residents of Troy NY. The chief operator of our company is yours truly, Joseph Campon. I am a New York State licensed home inspector who also enjoys InterNACHI certification.

I have been providing customers in Troy NY with a reliable home inspection thanks to my 10 plus years of Building Trades experience. I have managed to make a name for my firm because of my commitment to excellence and always prioritizing the customers. My company is one of the best quality home inspection companies in Troy NY.

Our Certified Home & Radon Inspection!

My standard home inspection is basically a detailed evaluation of the accessible interior and exterior structure, different systems and various components of your home. It is because of this thoroughness that my company is ranked among the best home inspection companies in Troy NY. My report of your home inspection, which you will be provided shortly after I complete the home inspection, will include my findings on the home in question. I make use of an easy-to-read reporting system, Housfacks. I also provide my clients with monitoring, replacement or repair recommendations. I consider my job completed once my clients have completely understood the components of the report. My home inspection includes the following components;

Radon Testing

I provide radon testing to clients in Troy NY. Radon is a cancer-causing odorless gas that can only be identified by a certified and experienced home inspector. During my home inspection service, I will also check the home for radon. Rest easy, I offer affordable radon testing to my customers. My company is among the best radon testing companies in Troy NY and is also one of the most affordable radon testing companies.

Water Quality And Well Flow Testing

During the home inspection, I will also assess the water quality and well flow. The report will come with detailed recommendations and relevant findings.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

Wood destroying insects are a tricky thing; they will keep on eating away the wood and you won’t find out until it’s too late. That’s if you don’t hire me for your home inspection! I will actively look for any such insects and help you take timely action to prevent further damage from taking place. Contact me now for a reliable home inspection in Troy, NY.

Thermal Imaging

Many structural flaws and issues might go unnoticed if it wasn’t for my thermal imaging service. During the home inspection, I make use of thermal imaging to ensure that no aspect of your home gets overlooked. Find out more about thermal imaging when you contact me!

Aerial Drone Photo / Video

I provide my clients with aerial drone photo and video service as well. I make use of this to assess the roof’s situation and to help you out with your ad listing with thorough coverage of your house’s exterior and interior.

Our Packages

I offer the following packages to my clients in Troy NY;

Vanguard Package

This is my premier home inspection package that covers everything; the basic home inspection and also provides clients with affordable radon testing, water quality test, wood-destroying insects along with thermal imaging report as well. The cost for this package is $600 and it takes a total of 2 hours to complete.

Basic Package

This is the basic package that includes radon testing, thermal imaging, wood inspection or functional Well flow test. This test also takes about two hours to complete, however, costs $450.

Residential Home Inspection

This home inspection is for a single family home that includes assessing and a report of findings on accessible interior/exterior structure, systems, and components. This package costs $350 and also takes about 2 hours for completion.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

This package is best suited to those who are planning to put their property on market. I make use of thermal imaging for this home inspection as well. This service will cost you $250 and requires about 2 hours for completion.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

The use of thermal imaging during home inspection helps me identify any defects that might have been skipped if the naked eye was being used for inspection. Thanks to this technique, I am able to evaluate electrical and HVAC systems and also identify moisture intrusion and any thermal loss. I send the imaging reports via email by making use of FLIRtools in PDF format. This will set you back $100 and takes about an hour to complete.

Radon Testing

This service will set you back by $100. The test canisters are left onsite for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure proper testing.

Aerial Drone (UAV) Photography

I offer high-quality 4K aerial photography to residents of Troy NY as well. I will employ the services of a professional photographer to capture different shots of your home to enhance your listing. The cost of aerial photography is $150 and it takes about an hour to completely cover the exterior and interior of your house.

Benefits Of Hiring My Home Inspection Service

  • InterNACHI Certified
  • Exceptional Customer Care
  • Affordable Pricing

A home inspection is a crucial task that requires a professional who pays attention to detail and is thorough with the inspection process. My company is among the certified home inspection companies. I provide dependable home inspections in your town and am known for my professionalism and extensive knowledge of home inspection service. If you’re looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and friendly home inspector near you that is insured and qualified to perform your home inspection; call me and let’s get your home inspected!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 518-424-2322

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