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Mills Enterprises Co provides diverse cleaning services for your residential and commercial properties. We have an experienced team for window washing service, solar panel cleaning, glass repairing, pressure washing and other cleaning jobs. No matter how tough the cleaning job is, we are ready to do the job. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep you and your family safe.

Get rid of scrubbing the dirt marks from your residential and commercial building. Call us today to get a free quote for gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and window washing service in Gainesville GA.

Diverse Cleaning Services by Our Expert Cleaners

Window Washing Service

We understand that how difficult it is for you to clean the windows as it is difficult to reach them. Adding to the hassles of window cleaning, you need the right products for efficient cleaning.

Though residential or commercial window cleaning is a tough task we can do it effortlessly. Our window washing service team knows the job well and provide clear windows. The cleaning job requires a lot of time and effort and we are capable of doing it perfectly in a timely fashion. Our team takes the window washing service with responsibility as cleaning is not just removing the dirt from windows. We work to make your windows sparkling so that your house and office looks amazing. Do not worry, your windows are safe with us. We use the latest tools and equipment to clean the windows with our eco-friendly products.

Windows are exposed to dust, dirt and other weather conditions, therefore, do not ignore window washing service in Gainesville GA. Get affordable cleaning service today.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The solar panel is not easy to clean as it has many small parts that can be damaged if you are not accustomed to the right tools and washing products. However, we have a team of professionals that provide solar panel cleaning with eco-friendly products. We use purified cleaning solutions which have no sticky residue and leave your glass panel spot free. Once we are done with solar panel cleaning, you do not any need cleaning in near future.

Hiring our experts can be beneficial as solar panels are fragile and need careful handling. Our experts ensure that your solar panel remains in one piece after cleaning. We do not high-pressure washing techniques as that can cause damage. We keep them safe from cracking.

With us, your solar panels are safe as we do not use chemicals and detergents as they shorten the lifespan of glass and rubber seals. With pure water, we wash away the dust and dirt, leaving your solar panel clean.

Pressure Washing Services

Apart from window washing service, we offer pressure washing service to make your residential and commercial building clean. Our proper training for pressure washing ensures that our professionals use the right equipment to clean your property. We are skillful to use powerful water jets for cleaning that gives amazing results for cleaning. Pressure washing can be a DIY project but we do not recommend it as it needs special skills to finish the job in time. Our professional is capable of finishing the job keeping your property safe.

We know that regular cleaning cannot enough be to keep the tile or concrete floors clean. Dirt traps in the space between the tiles and needs proper cleaning. Furthermore, pressure washing is also essential for a glimmering driveway or exterior walls. With our pressure washing, you can get rid of any stain, rust, oil marks, mildew, paint and more. We get it all clean it with our reliable pressure washing service.

Residential Gutter Cleaning Service

Being professional gutter cleaner, we suggest you not to miss gutter cleaning after heavy rain and wind storm. Call our professionals any time to make you gutters functional. We are expert in gutter cleaning with the right cleaning tools.

Ignoring the gutter cleaning can cause you a major loss as the debris got trapped in it and block the flow.  These blocked gutters can overflow and damages you wall sidings, basement, and water pipes. Therefore, timely gutter cleaning service by our professionals is necessary.

Apart from residential gutter cleaning, we provide gutter guard installation. Our gutter guard will prevent the gutters from debris and keep your gutter functional for many seasons. Get gutter guards once and get rid of gutter cleaning for a longer period of time.

One-stop Solution for Property Cleaning


We have been working for years, providing window washing service, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and solar panel cleaning. Our experience makes the cleaning process easy and you get rid of regular scrubbing.

Convenience and Safety

Choosing our professionals will make cleaning job easy. Our team knows all the safety measures to keep your residential and commercial properties safe. We work to meet the industry clean standards every time. No matter how tough the cleaning service you need, we are ready to do it.

Customer Care Service

When you book us for cleaning service, we listen to your needs. We let you speak about the troubles you face at your residential and commercial cleaning. We provide reliable cleaning solutions, depending on the needs, requirements, and condition of the building. We do the cleaning job so you do not have to. Call us and get the cleaning done rightly.

Eco-friendly Products

We are responsible to keep your property safe that is why we use eco-friendly cleaning products for window washing service in Gainesville GA. Not only for window cleaning but also for other cleaning services, we keep the safety standards high.


Do not worried about the service charges. We are available for all sort of cleaning services at affordable rates. When you compare cleaning service with DIY, you will find our solutions cost-effective.

So, there is no reason that you miss our professionals for your residential and commercial cleaning. Mills Enterprises Co provides expert cleaning service, no matter how difficult the job is. Our team coordination and commitment to each project makes our cleaning job easy. We care for our customers that is why we do every job in detail. From window washing service to gutter cleaning, pressure washing and other cleaning services, we expert and handles the job without making a mess.

Get the professional cleaning service today and make your homes beautiful. 

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