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Royal Security has a team of professional and licensed technicians that work to provide secured residential and commercial places. We have been in the industry for years and our experience makes us one of the best CCTV repair companies in Long Island NY. Our 24/7 emergency services are available for security services and security products so that you can live peacefully. Our great customer care services make us trustworthy and reliable for a number of satisfied customers. Stop looking for other CCTV repair companies, pick up your phone and call us for affordable security solutions.

Why we stand above all the other CCTV Repair Companies

Royal Security has specialized in CCTV security cameras system and security. With years of experiences, our team is capable of installing and managing your security systems. Our security systems offer video surveillance products with the latest technology to create integrated security systems for your commercial and residential buildings.

Our security system offers high-quality CCTV cameras that include IP cameras, HD cameras, and Analog cameras. They are designed to provide security solutions to enhance the personal safety, property assets and thefts in Long Island NY. As the high-security systems are based on the latest technology and need professionals for maintenance and repair. We have a team of qualified and expert technicians that can handle the installation and repair of security systems technically. Therefore, do not worry and let our professionals work to secure your place.

CCTV Solutions we Offer

Analog Video Security System

Our analog video systems are designed with modern techniques that send the recorded video in the traditional baseband format over coax. The video is digitized and stored on hard drives that sets you free from the duty of changing the tapes regularly. Our modern systems can be accessed remotely using the internet as the video is transmitted in analog format and is available on the network. It has no tapes so you are protected from the burglars that take away the tapes with them to erase the tracking source. With or CCTV cameras, tracking the burglars and keeping an eye on your property has become easy.

Analog systems are usually expensive but we have the solution to reduce your problem. We provide the solutions that are suitable for your budget and meet the needs. However, for the efficient performance of such technical items, you need daily maintenance and repair through one of the best reliable CCTV repair companies in Long Island NY. Do not risk the quality of your security with non-professionals. Our team is capable of doing all the installation and repairing work at reasonable price.

IP Video Security System

Like the analog systems, IP video security system also send the recorded video to the hard drive in IP format. As opposed to the analog systems, IP systems give us the flexibility to check how, where and when the video is recorded. You may get confused over choosing the right system but we can help you. As each system has its own specifications and we recommend the best security solutions for you while keeping your needs and requirements in mind. IP cameras provide a clearer picture and can be used to identify features such as tattoos and other marks. Some benefits of our IP systems are:

  • Remote HD view
  • Email Alerts with footage shoots
  • Motion detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Optical zoom in and tilt the camera remotely
  • Flexibility to check the video

One of the common questions that people ask about surveillance cameras is “What resolution camera should I buy?” Of course the resolution matters but we recommend buying the camera that caters to your requirements. Other factors that matter while selecting the camera are your financial constraints. If you are confused about choosing the right security solutions, talk to our experts in Long Island NY. We have the technicians that are expert in camera installation and repair service. We provide hard drives that have enough storage space that you do not have to worry about the recordings. We are one of the best CCTV repair companies that provide seamless repairing solutions all over Long Island NY. Call us to make your homes secure.

Intercom Systems by Royal Security

Basically, intercoms are used for communication purposes and are an integral part of a modern security system. Our security intercom systems work best when installed with other security systems such as CCTV cameras, access control, and electronic locks. Installing the intercoms at your residential or commercial places restrict the entrance of unfamiliar persons. We have the technicians that are capable of installing the security intercoms perfectly so that you can communicate with your visitors, employees and to instruct the guards.

To learn more about intercom security system, call the experts. They provide you viable security solutions so that you can live peacefully.

Types of Intercom Systems

Intercoms are basically if three types that include audio only, audio/video and combination systems.

  • An audio-only intercom system allows you to only communicate via audio and can be used to deliver messages to the employees or a person at a distance.
  • Audio/video intercom system includes both video and audio communications. It has a microphone to transfer the audio and a screen that shows the video. Such systems are deployed in the areas where you cannot see the person directly.
  • Combination system gives you multiple options for audio only and audio/video only.
Why Choose Royal Security

Royal Security provides reliable security solutions and is the first choice of the residents of Long Island NY.


Experts are available at one of the best CCTV repair companies so that you can have the right security solutions. Among the multiple options we have for your security system, we recommend the one that is suitable for the platform that fits your budget.


Unlike other CCTV repair companies, we offer security solutions at affordable rates. Whether you call us for installation or repair, our charges are reasonable. Get the intercoms system and CCTV estimates today from our experts. No hidden charges.

Customer Care Services

Our technicians are highly professional and provide great customer care services every time. Whether you call us for consultation, estimates or installation services, our team corporates with the clients. We listen before implementing the security solutions. Feel free to talk about your queries.


We have the licensed technicians and trained staff to provide quality installation, maintenance, and repair services for CCTV cameras and intercoms.

Royal Security has years of experience to provide a quality security solution for your residential and commercial buildings. Make your homes secure with our quality security products. Our reliable services make us one of the best intercom and CCTV repair companies in Manhattan. Call us today for free consultation and get a free estimate for CCTV cameras and intercom system. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 212-518-8250

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