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Handcrafted Custom Tables

Lighthouse Woodworks services the area of Waltham MA. We provide custom, handmade tables that are built to stay with you for generations. We use quality hardwoods that can bear the daily wear and tear of a family. Being a family-oriented company, we understand the different needs that can arise and provide custom dining and kitchen tables for clients in the greater Boston area. Our craftsmen will customize your table to meet your specific needs. The family table is an important part of your home so it has to be two things: beautiful and comfortable. Please get in touch with Daniel or Lucas (the owners) to see how we can help you create a beautiful, lasting, and functional table.

We provide expert advice on everything from design, style, wood species, and finish to make sure you are completely satisfied and getting the best custom dining table, farm table, live edge table or reclaimed wood table that money can buy.

Lucas and Daniel have inherited the art of woodworking from family tradition and have gained a great reputation in the furniture industry. With over 20 years of combined experience, Lighthouse has expanded to the more artistic, custom side of the trade, designing and building tables. They have taken the concept of custom tables and furniture to the next level.

We want to collaborate with you to create a beautiful and unique table that completes your home.

Building Custom Hardwood Tables

We have inherited the art of building custom wood tables and it is our passion. We only use the highest quality hardwoods and we are constantly adding new designs and styles to our portfolio of custom tables. We are capable of providing almost any design that you want (just send us a picture of something you like!). You can also see many unique table designs on our website and Instagram page. Once you have a custom table design in mind we encourage you to come visit our Boston workshop in person so that we can provide some guidance around the finer details like size, extensions, wood species, style, and finish.

Custom Table Size

When you first get in touch about building a custom dining or kitchen table, we have to take into consideration the space/area where you want to put the table. Whether you are choosing a custom dining table, farmhouse table, or live edge table, the size of the table depends on how big your space is and the number of people you want to be able to seat at the table. Just as an aside, we can also build custom chairs and benches that will match your table (a complete dining set!). Here is a basic guideline to help size your custom wood table:

  • A 6-foot table fits 2 chairs per side
  • A 7-foot table fits 3 chairs per side
  • An 8-foot table fits 4 chairs side

There are no set standards for the width of the table but the typical range is anywhere from 36” to 42”. It depends on the space available and, of course, your preference. The table can be square, round, oval, rectangular, etc. We are experienced enough to make pretty much any type of reclaimed wood, live edge, or other custom table. 


Custom wood extensions (also called company boards) are available to increase the size of your table when you need a few extra seats. Extensions can be built to insert at either or both ends of the table. We don’t build traditional table leaves as we prefer the company boards for overall stability and structural integrity. Company boards are also preferable because we do not have to build a table in pieces with all kinds of complicated hardware. A good size for extensions is usually about 18” to 24”  but we can customize them depending on your needs.


We do not use plywood, veneer, or any faux-woods for the custom wood tables we build. We only use real hardwoods and most often, reclaimed hardwoods. The choice of wood species is completely up to each customer's preference but we will, of course, provide all the guidance we can as wood experts. Our customers usually choose the wood species based on the natural color they prefer or the grain pattern they like most.

We specialize in all kinds of reclaimed tables, farmhouse tables, and live edge tables including Oak, Walnut, and Hemlock. All of these options have a unique and natural beauty suitable for a custom dining or kitchen table.


We are very experienced and professional woodworkers so we really care about design and create beautiful wood tables with a top-notch finish.. We are capable of making almost any design that you might see in a showroom, magazine, on Instagram, etc. Just send us a picture of your favorite design and we will try to make it a reality for you. Our services are not limited to creating a replica of your favorite design or the tables on our website as we can also work on changing the finer details of whichever style you have in mind.


The top choice for most of our customers is to go with a natural finish on their custom table. We use multiple coats of a very high-end, chemical-free wood oil until it saturates the wood completely. This product allows us to apply and maintain the table with oil but provide it with the protection of a strong varnish. It creates a matte look that is liquid-resistant resistant and which allows for spot-refinishing. Choosing an oil finish is brings out the natural beauty of the wood in an incredible way as you can see in the pictures. Please contact us if you are interested in some other type of finish.

Other Details About Our Custom Tables

At Lighthouse Woodworks we create custom wood tables that are beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Each member of our team works on one piece at a time to provide a high-quality product. Our owners work on each custom table to make sure they keep their natural beauty and that is why we focus so much on choosing the right wood material for the table. We use lumber that is grown (or reclaimed) in the United States for our custom reclaimed tables and mostly lumber from Canada for our live edge tables.

We Deliver To Your Doorstep

When you choose us to build your custom table we deliver the product to your home (or wherever else you want) for free as long as you are within about an hour of Waltham MA. We do not only deliver the products but also assemble them on the spot. We offer several delivery services such as:

White Glove Delivery – This is the most common method which saves you the hassle of picking up the product from our shop. However, distance can be a factor for this method so let’s make sure to discuss these details when you place your order.

Pick-up – If you want to collect your custom table by yourself and have the correct mode of transportation, please feel free to come and pick it up.

Shipping – We can ship your custom table anywhere in the USA. The charges depend on the size of the order.

Refund Policy

Our return policy is available for 30 days from the day you purchased. If you want to return the product, keep it safe and undamaged until we get back to you. Keep the receipt with you to complete the refund process. For further inquiries, please give us a call.

Please share your ideas with our team and let’s see how we can make your dream table a reality. Call us today for custom dining tables, kitchen tables, live edge tables, farmhouse tables and more or feel free to swing by our workshop located in East Boston.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 781-223-4302

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