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The Installer Hub in Brooklyn NY has years of experience in installing various devices in your house. We have professional technicians that can handle diverse technical jobs. Our installation services vary from wall mounts, TV mounts, to ceiling fan, wall light, chandelier, draper, and faucets. We provide installation services related to multiple brands and companies and our installation services are not bound to any brand name and material. We are reliable, professional, and trustworthy to provide perfect installation each time. Our experts have experience of construction and design, so they can suggest you the place for installation.

Installation Services that we offer

Everything will not function perfectly until installed rightly. Our trained professionals are available in Brooklyn NY to help you with right installation. Our installation services include:

Wall-Light Installation

If your plan to upgrade your room the first step you take is towards better lighting of the room. Wall lights, chandelier, and ceiling lights add beauty to any home interior. The only thing they demand is perfect installation and we provide services that are both dependable and affordable. Our electricians are qualified and experienced to install all types of lights and chandelier. Our professionals will guide you to the right type and right size of light for your rooms so that you can enjoy the bright rooms.

When you call us for installation, we come with all the necessary tools required to finish the job in time. As the wall-light installation is done by drilling and nailing in the wall that means a lot of mess. Do not worry, we do leave any job half-way. We clean up the mess for you so that you can enjoy the new lights.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are important to increase the comfort of any house or building. At The Installer Hub, we provide expert ceiling fan installation services so that you can have a pleasant environment to live in. When you call us for fan installation at your place, we come with our own ladder and other tools required for electrical work. It is difficult to climb up the ladder with a heavy fan but our experienced staff can complete such tasks easy.

DIY fan installation is also not recommendable as you may end up with an injury. There are chances that you may miss any nut or bolt that results is some major loss. Therefore, call the professionals for ceiling fan installation in Brooklyn NY and relax. Our experts understand the technical aspect and work precisely.

Faucet Installation

With the advancement in technology and the need of an upgraded house, fancy sanitary items are available to enhance the beauty. Therefore, the market is full of modern and faucets that need professionals for installation. Each of the product available had unique features that only an expert can understand.

Our professionals are talented enough to deal with every faucet you buy. If you are confused while buying the product take the help of our professionals. We recommend the right type that fits your needs. While choosing the faucets keep in mind the style and finish you like. Leave the rest to us.

When you call us for faucet installation, we complete the job in following steps:

  • Remove the old faucet keeping the plumbing safe
  • Install the new faucet
  • Test the functionality and installation
  • Keep up the material and haul-away the old fixtures

Vanity Installation

If you are planning for bathroom remodeling, do not forget the vanity installation by professionals. The right vanity style combines both with style and comfort. You might have bought an expensive vanity for your bathrooms, but the wrong installation can destroy the whole appearance.

Our experts have a good taste of designing a room so you can trust their installation services. They work with accurate measurements to that you can enjoy the modern vanity. Vanities are available of in different styles and materials such as wood, contemporary, antique and double vanities. Choose the material that is suitable according to your taste and leaves the installation of our experts.

Drapes Installation

Drapes are important for protection and beauty of any house. They serve the best to increase the privacy but only if perfectly installed. There is a variety of drapes and curtains available in the market. Choose the one that suits your style and taste and leave the rest to us.

Whether you want manual drapes or motorized, we are the experts you should call. Motorized drapes are more common these days due to their multiple benefits such as convenience, efficiency, security, and versatility. Motorized drapers give easy access to the high windows that are not reachable. We can help you get all these benefits with our quality drapes installation in Brooklyn NY.

Apart from the above-mentioned installation services, we also provide:

  • Microwave installation
  • Picture hanging
  • Bicycle mounting
  • Toilets installation
  • TV mounting
  • LED mounting

Why Choose the Installer Hub for you Homes

Affordable Rates

Choosing the professionals from The Installer Hub is beneficial as we offer you affordable rates. No matter what type of installation you want, our rates are reliable. No job is big or small for us. Our charges do not vary on the basis of design you choose. We are committed to provide quality installation and make sure you get the service what you paid for.

Insured Technicians

Our team consists of reliable technicians, electricians, and plumbers so that you get a one-stop solution for all. Each one of the team members is dependable and provide quality installation services. You can have the satisfaction that we do not leave the job undone.


We work on hundreds of different products daily and each installation is done perfectly. We do not give our customers a chance to claim. We work on every detail while installing any product so that you do not have to worry about the installation and the electronic products.

Saves Time and Energy

Installation can be a DIY project as each of the product comes with a manual. DIY tutorials are also available on the internet for installation but nothing can beat our expertise. Our trained and qualified technicians are capable of doing the job in time. Professionals not only save you time but also the energy that you spend on DIY installation.


Above all, safety is what our professionals provide you. We have the right tools for each installation project that makes the job easy. In the DIY installation, there are chances that you may get injured. Our professionals know all the safety measures and do the job rightly.

Do not hesitate to ask for installation help. Our services are not bound by any product design or brand name. Our technicians are expert in handling all sort of installations at affordable rates. Call us today to get quality installation for your products. No hidden charges!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 917-304-9881

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