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I established Trained Eye Home Inspections in 2014 after building homes, carrying out home maintenance and providing home additions for over 25 years in Plymouth Meeting PA. This vast experience has enabled me to carry out home inspections that are exceptionally detailed.

I take pride in my work as a home inspector and never visit my clients with any sort of time limits (I will be with you for as long as the job requires). For me, my customers are my top-most priority and that’s how I conduct the business of home inspection in Plymouth Meeting PA.

I am well-known in Plymouth Meeting PA because of my policy of ‘first-time-buyer-friendly’! I take out the time to show my clients how their homes work and will even be available for consultation or any other query long after completing your home inspection. I believe in creating long-lasting relationships with my clients. With every home inspection, I offer my clients a 100-day home warranty and a home maintenance manual.

What Sets My Business Apart From Other Home Inspection Companies

My home inspection service stands out from the competition for the following reasons;

  • I am certified by the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultant (IAC2).
  • I am also certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI).
  • I have a team of expert plumbers, inspectors, mason, carpenters etc. at my disposal for keeping my skills updated. I also consult them during a home inspection when there’s a need for it.
  • I offer easy payment options for clients – cash, credit cards and checks are accepted.
  • I make use of an Infrared Camera on every home inspection to ensure that everything is covered during the home inspection.
  • I actively check for electrical hotspots, moisture intrusion, plumbing and mechanical defects that many homes inspections fail to identify.
  • I highlight any potential safety hazards.
  • I review the conditions uncovered step-by-step while explaining different processes to the client.
  • I deliver detailed reports within 24 hours via email. 

Services I Provide To Residents of Plymouth Meeting PA

Buyers Home Inspection

How do you ensure that you’re aware of all the weaknesses and strengths of the house you’re about to buy? By getting a professional home inspection! I have an extensive experience regarding house construction, and that makes me the right guy for the job of home inspection. I will identify problems, whether small or big, that might have been overlooked by the previous owners or the contractor. In my experience, any such fault in the home should be identified and fixed right away before it is able to transform into something more harmful.

Sellers Inspection

Regardless of whether a realtor is selling your home or you’re doing it yourself, it’s a good idea to get a professional home inspection. The motto I use for my business is; knowledge is power! When you have the necessary information, you can take an informed decision and protect yourself. When I conduct a home inspection for you, I will guide you regarding the nature of the problems and which of them should be tackled right away and which of them can wait. Also, the more information you have about your home, the better you’ll perform during the negotiations.

Home Maintenance Inspection

A home is the largest investment most of us make during our lifetime, right? Don’t you think it deserves care and attention just like all of your other investments? With regular usage, the components of your house are subject to wear & tear. This results in deterioration and that’s where I come in. Contact me now and I will be more than happy to conduct a home inspection for you thus providing you with detailed information regarding the condition of your home. When it comes to home maintenance in Plymouth Meeting PA, I take no chances. I will be evaluating the major systems of your home including heating, plumbing, HVAC, structural and electrical systems. Once the inspection is complete, I will email you a detailed report of my findings. With my professional home inspection, you can rest easy knowing that no issue, small or big, is being overlooked and everything is being accounted for.

Infrared Inspection

This is my favorite part! I make use of infrared cameras during every home inspection. This enables me to take an exhaustive look at the structural components of your home. Structural components include items such as doors, chimneys, foundation, walls, basements, and crawlspace etc. By making use of an infrared camera, I ensure that I leave no stone unturned during the home inspection.

Termite/ WDO Inspection

I am also well-versed with the termite/WDO inspection. When it comes to a proper termite and WDO inspection, there are a number of steps that require due diligence during execution. These steps include inspection of a house’s interior with special attention given to door, window frames, garage, and basement etc. I make sure that I carry out visual and physical home inspection during this phase (I will visually inspect, tap, probe and check for sounding to assess the situation). Contact me now to find out if your house is being eaten away by termites.

Radon Testing

Radon is a harmful, colorless and odorless gas. It can only be detected by making use of special equipment. Lucky for you, I come equipped with this type of equipment. Sit back and relax, while I do my work and make sure that you’re safe from this harmful gas. Contact me now to schedule a home inspection.

When you hire me for your home inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report. This report is designed so that you can easily read and understand it. Each report is unique for every client and comes with relevant pictures taken during the home inspection. The report will feature general maintenance items, defects, and safety issues that were detected during the inspection. I will be available, of course, to answer each and every question of yours regarding the home inspection and report. My customers are my first priority, always have and always will be! It is this mindset that has enabled me to become one of the best home inspection service provider in Plymouth Meeting PA. Contact me now and schedule a home inspection!

For details, Please feel free to call us at 267-640-9910

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