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It’s Time to upgrade your Kitchen Cabinets in Amherst NY

Dave “the Cabinet Guy” provide the latest designs for kitchen cabinets in Amherst NY. 25 years of combined manufacturing and design experience make us one of the best kitchen cabinets supplier around the town. Our kitchen cabinets designs are suitable for all kitchens as they are unique, beautiful and attractive. We understand that the need for cabinets that is why each cabinet is designed in a specific way that allows more storage. With us, you will get the best kitchen remodeling ever.

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Variety of Kitchen Cabinets by the Cabinet Guy

Base Cabinets

As the name shows, these cabinets are set beneath the countertops or shelves and provides enough space to store the grocery and utensils. Our base cabinets are designed to lift heavy things so you can use them freely. Typically, such cabinets are 24 inches deep with shelves inside to hold the things. They are useful for many other purposes like to hide trash cans or cleaning products in the kitchen.  Our base cabinets are available in many designs so that you can choose the best for your kitchen. 

  • Single Door Base Cabinets
  • Double Door Base Cabinets
  • Pull out Base Cabinets
  • Angle Base Cabinets
  • Corner Base Cabinets
  • Drawer Base Cabinets
  • Shelf Base Cabinets
  • Sink Base Cabinets

Wall Cabinets

The name is suitable as these cabinets are hanged on the wall. We design them to provide you easy access to the things stored in the kitchen. We work with great care and responsibility while fixing the wall cabinet’s rail and frame in the wall so that they stay longer in the place. It would be good if you choose wall kitchen cabinets that match with the base cabinets to enhance the beauty. However, the main difference between the two is that the wall cabinets are simple. Other than kitchen you can have them in your bathroom or any other rooms to increase the storage space. Our variety of designs for kitchen cabinets are:

  • Angle Wall Cabinets
  • Corner Wall Cabinets
  • Corner Glass Wall Cabinets
  • Double Door Wall Cabinets
  • Double Door Bridge Wall Cabinets
  • Double Door Glass Wall Cabinets
  • Shelf Wall Cabinets
  • Single Door Glass Wall Cabinets
  • Single Door Wall Cabinets
  • Specialty Wall Cabinets

Tall Cabinets

These cabinets can go up to 90 inches in height that is why they are named as tall cabinets. They are enough to store different things such as clothes, toys and other things. In the kitchen, they can be used for pantry and utility storage. They can easily accommodate mops, brooms, jackets, and shoes. They are available in wide range of designs such as:

  • Utility Tall Cabinets
  • Oven and Microwave Cabinets
  • Pantry Pullout Tall Cabinets
  • Pantry Super Cabinets

Our cabinets are famous for residential use because of their unlimited benefits. We design them in a way to avoid the dust and keep the things neat inside. They have a majestic look which gives your room a feeling of a higher ceiling. With our latest and unique cabinet designs make your place attractive and beautiful.

Cabinets Door Styles

Usually, kitchen cabinets door are boring that is why we offer different door styles to enhance the beauty and appearance of the doors. From decorative to simple, there is door style for every home. Choose the best designs from the following:


This is one of the simplest and easy to clean door style. It is famous because they are easy to adjust with any home décor from contemporary to traditional. Our Shaker doors’ prices vary on the bases of the wood used. You can change them with different paints, wood spices, and hardware. However, the natural finish can save you up to 20% of the cost and looks more beautiful.


These come as horizontal wood slats to add architecture style to the kitchen cabinets. They are expensive but gives your kitchen a whole different look. We recommend them for windows and the kitchen cabinets that need ventilation because there is a space between each slab that allows the air to pass through.


Simple yet elegant flat doors cabinets give your kitchen a modern look. It has hard lines which make it perfect for contemporary kitchen interiors.


This style is one the most expensive among the other kitchen cabinets door style. It is named as inset because it is set inside the door frame. It gives a classic look that lasts for a longer period. While making such doors, we take precise measures to meet the standards. This is important as the door is set inside so only precise measurement will be helpful in opening and closing the door properly. Do not worry, we are expert in providing the exact size for each door type.  


It gives a traditional look to your cabinet door. In past, Beadboard was used as a decorative wall treatment. With beadboard door style, you can give your kitchen a bright and neat look. The best thing about beadboard is that small cracks are not visible on it so they can stay longer in the kitchen.


Such doors are wrapped in the plastic coating and heated to create an immense seal. They are highly durable and comes in a solid color with imitation wood grains. They are available at a competitive price but their repair is difficult.

No matter what kitchen cabinets door style you use, our products are reliable. Our artist work on carefully on each of the doors to make it elegant and stylish. Choose the best door for your kitchen cabinets in Amherst NY.

Reasons to Choose Our Kitchen Cabinets

We believe in quick response every time you want kitchen cabinets from The Cabinet Guy. We do not like when a customer has to wait long for the product. That is why we make try our best to deliver quality kitchen cabinets at the least required time. We offer all the latest kitchen cabinets designs at reasonable prices so that you can upgrade your kitchen. Along with the variety of designs, we offer quality serves to our customers. From manufacturing to installing, we keep an eye on every process to provide high-end service.

At Dave The Cabinet Guy, we listen to our customers and prefer working according to their choices. We help them with our experience to get the best kitchen cabinets designs in Amherst NY. Book the best price kitchen cabinet today.

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