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Protect Your Property with Homeowner Insurance in Espanola NM

We protect your big investments at Orale Insurance in Espanola NM. We stand as one of the best insurance companies in the town. Insurance policies pass through us are affiliated and cover the claims of third parties or other insurers and pay PISA commission for the paid policies. Our homeowners insurance and other policies cover all belongings such as a house, vehicle, commercial building and the business. Our homeowner insurance policies are easily available via phone, online or through private insurance agents. The prices of the homeowner insurance may vary depending on how you buy the policy. To know more about the homeowner insurance policies, call us today.

Diverse Homeowners Insurance Policies to Cover your Needs

By homeowner insurance, we not only mean to protect the building but a lot more. With our homeowner insurance in Espanola NM, we cover the home structure that includes repairing and maintenance of deck, swimming pool, shed, fence and more. This also covers the damage caused by fire, wind, hailstorm and other such events. When you hire our homeowner insurance policies, we provide hotel and meal where you can stay until the repairing work is done at your place [wherever applicable]. We share the bills that you spend on eating during the repairing process.

We also provide liability coverage that can save you from many troubles. Among many benefits of our homeowner insurance policies, we cover the loss of your property. Moreover, if someone gets injured at your place, we cover the loss. Our homeowner insurance policies protect your furniture and other belongings whether they are on your property or not. We have designed special insurance policies for your jewelry, art, and other expensive items. Let us protect your valuables. Call us today.

Our homeowner insurance in Espanola NM is available for all such as:


Apart from the complete homeowner insurance, we also provide condo policies. Condo policy covers the interior structure of the house including your furniture, clothes, appliance etc. When you buy our condo master policy, you can relax as every corner of the house is covered. Whether your things are stolen or damaged, we will pay to recover or replace. However, it is different from homeowner insurance. Let our experts handle your property. For more details on different homeowner insurance, contact our support staff.

Renovations are not easy in fact, they are the very expensive solution to upgrade the living standards. If you have recently upgraded your lifecycle and something happens to your property, do not worry. We can help you to recover the building to its upgraded state. Our lawsuits policy can be helpful when somebody sues you for the damage to their property.

Home Mobile

Home Mobile insurance is similar to homeowner insurance. It protects your home additions such as porches, garages, decks, sidewalks and more. It gives you extra protection with cost coverage deals. We can get modern additions in the home through home mobile insurance. Our policies are designed to fit in your budget with a variety of range to choose from. We assure that our policies cover all your needs.


Flood insurance is essential for the areas with high rates of floods. They serve as an extra layer of protection so that you can live peacefully. Our flood policies are added to your homeowner insurance with the same rates as per other policies.


Even if you are living on rent somewhere, an insurance policy is a must. Do not mix homeowner insurance with the renter policies. As the homeowner policy will only cover the property that belongs to your owner whereas our renter insurance policies are specially designed to protect your belongings and valuables that includes, furniture, clothes, appliances and more. It also includes the medical payments for you and for other’s if they are injured at your place.

Auto Insurance at Orale Insurance to Save Money

Our automobile insurance policies are as imperative as the homeowner insurance. We have been serving millions of drivers and car owner for years. With our excellent policies, we stand as one of the best auto insurance companies in Espanola NM. We have reasons to be your favorite insurance company as we offer multiple discounts that include safe-driver, multi-car, quoting online and more. We have different policies such as bundle auto and property that can save you up to extra 5%. Safe and slow driving can also save you more money as compared to regular policies.

“Snapshot: Drive Safe and save” is a big chance for those who drive carefully. The three essential tips to save more on automobile insurance is limit to your hard breaks, avoid traveling between 12 am – 4 am and drive slowly or less. Follow the tips and you are set on the road for big discounts. We have designed different policies keeping in mind the needs of your vehicle. You can easily compare the price and choose the one with the best rates. We devise our policies for home and automobile insurance in Espanola NM according to the needs of the customers.

Our auto insurance policies cover a wide range that includes body injuries, natural collision due to flood and other things, uninsured and underinsured motor vehicles. If you have an accident while driving our insured cars, our policy covers the medical payment you spend on your treatment. Our insurance policy covers the repairing. File your claim, drop the car and leave the rest on us. To know more about our auto insurance, visit our website or call us.

Do not Worry – We Stand with Your Business Needs

Just like your homes are protected by our homeowner insurance, we also provide policies to protect your business also. We have designed our business insurance policies so that you can confidently take risks to expand your businesses. We provide insurance by keeping worker compensation law in mind so that you can protect the employees in the case of an emergency. Such policies are helpful for the companies with a large number of technicians working onsite. An accident can happen anytime no matter how much security measures you have been provided. Our insurance policy covers the loss of injuries without investigating the cause.  Work Compensation insurance becomes a must for the business especially when you have a risky task for employees.

Our insurance policy covers every need so that you do not have to worry. Even you can enjoy our facilities for your pet's protection. Along with homeowner insurance policy in Espanola NM, we provide insurance for boats, RV Trailer, Motorcycle and more. Do not miss the chance to protect your investments. Get the quotes today online. Prices vary from state and situations. For special discounts, call us today.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 505-550-0556

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