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Reliable Auto Unlock Service to avoid Lockout Hassles

Forgot your car keys somewhere? Do not worry our auto unlock service in Houston TX can help you.

Car Lockout Express has been serving clients for many years in the industry to prevent hassles of car lockout. It is very common that people forget their keys somewhere or most of the time the keys are inside the car. Thanks to our emergency lockout services no matter where you are in the city, our technicians will be there in no time. When you call us for help, our trained locksmith is dispatched to your location immediately with all the tools required for unlocking. Trust our services as our locksmith team is licensed and experienced. No matter what car brand you use, we have the tools to reduce the lockout stress.

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Our Auto Unlock Service helps you in Various Ways

If you are locked out of the car, do not feel helpless because we are here for help. Our professionals have the right tools to unlock the cars. You can feel secure as we are expert in unlocking the cars without any damage. There are people who try to break the car windows to get the keys when they forget the keys inside but that is of no use. Such act may lead you to more trouble. In such situation, it is better to call us for help. Here are the services that our auto unlock service in Houston TX provide for your ease.

Car Ignition Key

Although there are many options available in the market for car ignition key replacement, it is important to get the trustworthy service when you are stuck with auto lockout problems. If your car key is broken in the ignition, do not attempt to take it out as you can damage the whole part. You do not have the tools and will end up making it worse. We have experts that can do the work more efficiently and with safety. We also provide reliable ignition replacement and repair services in Houston TX. Most of the time the key is stuck in the ignition and it is beyond repair, this is when our auto lockout service comes in handy.

Car Key Replacement

Does this sound convenient to get a new key without going to the car dealer? If yes, call our professional auto unlock service as we are experts in rekeying. Our professional locksmith can do car key replacement in the fraction of the time because of their expertise and experience. They know the mechanism of every car and work accordingly. Even if your car key is broken or stolen, our locksmiths can help you. We understand the safety concerns that you may have when hiring a locksmith company. Due to this, we provide regular training sessions to make sure that our employees are trained in completing all the projects in a professional manner.

Transponder Key

Transponder key is different than the normal keys and most people are using them because of multiple benefits they provide. They are programmed in a way that you can control the locking and unlocking of the car from a distance. This key serves the best to prevent car lock picking as the programmed key can only match with your car locks. As the system is programmed by the experts, DIY repairs can damage the mechanism and you might need to re-program it. We can help you in car key reprogramming for the same key. However, if you have lost the key our technicians can provide the new transponder key in the minimum required time. Programming from scratch may take time but not more than going back to the car dealers for help. This needs expert handling to get the exact keys.

Our auto unlock service experts suggest cloning the car key if you have one key. You can use the spare key to unlock the car in case the programming is disturbed. In case your key is lost, do not rely on spare key. Call us for new transponder key.

Choose Our Auto Unlock Service for Multiple Benefits


If you attempt to unlock your doors, it may take more time and there are chances that the problem remains the same as you are an expert. It is better to call professional auto unlock service to save the time. We have the advanced equipment to finish the unlocking process in minutes. No matter where you are, call us and our technicians will be at your place in minimum required time.

Cost Effective

People may assume that locksmith service rates are high. A reliable locksmith company like us provide you service at affordable rates. We are to reduce the stress instead of creating more troubles.


Your safety is our concern that is why we provide safe auto unlock service. Our team knows how to work on the cars in a safe manner. You will find us reliable and professional as we leave the vehicle in its original condition after unlocking.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are such a relief in lockouts. Save our numbers so that you can avail the services of our professionals anytime. The best thing about our emergency auto unlocks service is that we do not charge extra. We do not compromise on the quality so you can trust us for the services.

Certified Locksmiths

Each member of our company is certified to work on your vehicles. The professional undergo training process every few months to update their knowledge. Our team is certified to provide quality service for each car model.

Do not waste your time with amateur locksmith companies and hire us when you are in need of professional services such as rekeying the locks and repairing the ignition system. Our customer support staff is well versed in different car lockout terminologies and this helps in saving the time and they dispatch the technicians as soon as your service request is received. Contact us today for high-end auto car lockout services. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 832-835-1870

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