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Need A Reliable iPhone Repair Done Only Minutes from Norfolk MA?

Watching your iPhone fall and break can be quite nerve-wracking. What now matters, is getting your iPhone repaired quickly and reliably. Stop worrying; we provide reliable iPhone repair service and are minutes from Norfolk MA.

The iPhone was the first and the only smartphone when it was introduced. It set the standard and is still the best smartphone available today. iPhones have proven to be one of the best-built smartphones. Accidents do happen, and as careful as we are with our phones, iPhones get dropped, screens get broken, ear jacks get damaged, and charging ports get damaged. iPhone Repair of Walpole provides all of those repairs and more. We are conveniently located minutes from Norfolk. We offer convenient hours. We will pick up your damaged smartphone and deliver your repaired iPhone direct to your home or place of business.

The Problem With iPhone Repair

It’s your phone, it was expensive, you rely on it for so much, and not having a fully functional iPhone can be a big deal. Here are a few reasons why the repair of your iPhone can be problematic. 

Warranty or Out of Warranty

Is your iPhone in warranty or out of warranty? If your iPhone or iPad is out of warranty, then a repair at the Apple Store will be expensive. That’s where our iPhone repair service has got you covered.

The Turnaround Time

Going to the Apple Store will require that you schedule an appointment, and then some repairs are not performed at the store. You will have to wait. We offer repair service for most of your repair needs and most repairs are completed within an hour.

Getting an Appointment

Apple Stores require an appointment for most repairs. We, on the other hand, offer walk-in service for most iPhone repairs.

High Costs

Most of our iPhone repairs are priced below Apple and our competitors.

Defects That Apple doesn’t recognize

When you take your iPhone to Apple for repair, there are certain repairs that Apple doesn’t provide and other repairs that Apple does not provide at the Store. We do fix ear jacks, power ports, battery replacements and much more. Most iPhone repairs and iPad repairs are within the hour. Few iPhone repairs take more than a day.

What makes our iPhone Repair So Special

There’s a reason why we’re the best when it comes to iPhone repair serving Norfolk MA. We consistently provide our customers with exceptional services and are committed to detail. When you bring your iPhone to us for repair, we will make sure that we fix it as if it was our own phone. The following reasons make our iPhone repairs stand out from our competitors;

Cost Effective

For most iPhone repairs and iPad repairs, we charge less than Apple and less than our competitors.  Unlike other services, we’re not in the business of exploiting our customers. We are here to fix phones and to fix iPads. Our prices are clearly stated on our website. We do not charge more than what we quote for iPhone repairs.

One-Hour Turn Around

Most iPhone repairs are performed in an hour or less. Most iPad repairs are performed within 3 hours.

One-Stop Solution

We carry all screens and parts for all iPhone models. We carry all screens for all iPad models. We service all iPhone models and all iPad models. Our iPhone repair service is a one-stop solution for all of your iPhone needs and we are minutes from Norfolk MA.

What Services Do We Offer

iPhone Repair

We are the best iPhone repair service serving Norfolk MA. Our trained staff is capable of handling various models of iPhone. We specialize in the service of older iPhones. Yes, we fix iPhone 4’s, iPhone 5’s, iPhone 6’s, and iPhone 7’s. All parts come with a six-month warranty. We cater to iPhone screen replacement, iPad screen replacement, headphone jack replacement, and power connector replacements and can even replace damaged buttons.

The turnaround for iPhone repairs is 1 hour. The turnaround for iPad is usually 3 hours. iPhone 5’s, iPhone 6’s and iPhone 7 screen replacements offer free tempered glass with your new iPhone screen.

IPad repair

We also offer iPad repair services convenient to Norfolk MA. Our trained staff can repair power connection ports, physical buttons, and the screens. The repair process that we offer is quick, professional, reliable and affordable. You can visit our website to find out the pricing details for various tasks related to iPad repair.

Student Specials for IPad Repairs

All middle and high school students get an extra 15% discount on iPad repairs and tablet repairs. Student repairs will get a special priority for fast service. We know you need your iPad or chrome book for tomorrow's classes. 

IPad and Tablet Repair

We also offer tablet repair here at our company. You can call us to provide details and find out if the replacement parts are available, cost and time for your tablet repair.

Smartphone Repair

We also cater to a number of Android devices. Bring your device to us and we’d be happy to take a look at it!

Why Choose Us

Professional service

We believe in professionalism and providing our customers with unbeatable service. We are happy to explain every repair process to you. We can provide back up services prior to the repair.

Trained Staff

We have years of experience repairing iPhones and repairing iPads.

Customer Service

We hold ourselves to a higher level of standard when it comes to customer service. For the customers who don’t live near us, we offer the mail-in option as well. When you visit us, you’re with a company that believes in treating the customer fairly, justly and professionally!

Our services are affordably priced and posted on our website for your review. All services are backed by our six-month warranty against defective parts.

Visit us today as we are conveniently located minutes from Norfolk MA and shall provide you with a speedy and reliable iPhone repair.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 617-835-1829

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