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Did you come up with an amazing idea for your home but don't know how to follow through on it? Sir T Rich Home Improvements is here to help you out! We will listen to your idea, understand it, improve and execute it up to your expectations and then some more. We offer handyman service in Detroit MI and have an experience of over 30 years under our belt. We deliver optimal results by combining old with new (metaphorically and literally).

That is, however, not the only best aspect of hiring us. We understand how expensive handyman service can be. We also value the happiness that comes forth from watching your idea growing and actually taking shape. It is this happiness of our customers’ that propels us to work harder and better. That’s why what matters to us is to help you bring your idea to life and we do so in a cost-effective manner. Our competitive pricing is the best pricing you’ll find in Detroit MI.

That’s All Good, But Why Should I Hire Handyman Service?

This is the first response we usually get and we understand where you’re coming from. You’ve probably heard a friend boast about how he does all the home improvements by his own or maybe you want to save cost by not hiring a professional handyman service. This is a debate we’ve been having with many over the past three decades. However, the handyman services exist for a reason. Allow us to help you understand why hiring professional handyman service is wise by giving you multiple reasons.

Do You Want a lousy Result?

Nobody does, right? Maybe you are one of those who bought IKEA furniture and having assembled it consider yourself to be quite the handyman or handywoman. However, each skill requires time to acquire and even more time for finesse. That is why when it comes to home improvements, you should stick with professional handyman service. You don't expect a computer expert to be able to fix your car engine, right? The same concept applies here as well. We are experts at what we do and produce the best possible result for each customer of ours.

Overwhelming Home Maintenance To-Do Lists

Not everyone is able to find out the time and energy it takes to carry out home maintenance tasks. That’s what handyman service is for. We will carry out tasks, whether small or big. Our motto when it comes to such projects is; let’s get to it. In a nutshell; let us do what we excel at so that you can do what matters to you!

The Cost of Re-Doing

Suppose you try executing a project on your own or with a not so professional handyman service. Once you’ve proven the end result to be a disaster, the cost of doing it right will shoot up. All the material you’ve used will have to be discarded in most scenarios and the previous work will have to be removed as well. That’s why it makes more sense to hire a professional handyman service in the first place. We take pride in our work and are the very best at what we do in Detroit MI.

What to expect from a handyman service

Right, we hope you’ve understood that why you need to hire a professional handyman service. Now we will help you understand what you should expect from the handyman service. Consider this our free gift to you in order to determine the right handyman service for you.

Make Sure the Handyman Service Listens

It is crucial that the handyman service you hire understands what you want them to do. That’s exactly why we actively listen to our clients. This enables us to gain a thorough understanding of what their idea is. This is fundamental to achieving a finished product that fulfills the customer’s needs. Our team will listen to your idea, take notes and will ask details before we begin working.

Commitment to Quality

Your home deserves nothing but the best, right? We understand how special a place your home is for you. It is this understand that helps us produce best-quality results. This is the benefit of hiring a professional handyman service; you get nothing but the best.

The Devil Is In the Details

Truer words have never been spoken. It is the attention to details that render a project either a success or a failure. We have over the years developed a habit of focusing on details and thus complete projects that are a hit with our customers.

Doing It Right the First Time

When it comes to handyman service, you want one that is capable of doing the job right the first time. We understand how valuable your time is and we ensure that when we take a job, we do it right the first time. That’s exactly why we spend a lot of time in understanding the idea and finalization of details.

Cost Effective

Most of the handyman services are in the business of making a buck. What you want to settle for is a handyman service like ours that is in the business of making customers happy. What matters to us is to bring your ideas to fulfillment. That is why we offer competitive pricing to our customers.

We have a team of experts ready to work on your ideas and bring them into being. Nothing makes us happier than watching ideas coming to fulfillment. Our expertise includes home improvements, home repairs, carpentry, drywall installation, Door installation and basement renovations. We will also provide you with cost-effective solutions based on your particular issue. Thanks to our over 30 years of experience when it comes to handyman service in Detroit MI, we are capable of handling all small projects that you might need at competitive pricing. You can contact us at for scheduling; we would love to hear about the amazing idea you have and work on it with you.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 313-492-6412

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