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Whole House Water Filter Systems Are Essential For Purity

Do not compromise on the quality of your water. Since 1984, Samantha Springs has been an industry leader in bottled water, whole house water softeners, 5-gallon water delivery services, which provides delicious, clean and pure water for your healthy life. Our whole house water filter systems in Southlake TX let you enjoy your water, free of germs and chemicals. Along with filter system, we provide 5-gallon spring water bottles, dispensers for your office or house, water softener systems, water coolers and more.  If you ever experience any problems with hard water, bad smell, or anything unusual in your water, give us a call. We have trained technicians that use the latest technology to make your water pure and safe for everyday use. With us, you get a reliable water treatment system for your home and other commercial properties.

Samantha Springs is a family owned business started by Joe McCombs, who discovered spring water on his property in Keller Texas. Later, he named the company Samantha Springs in the memory of his beloved daughter Samantha who died in 1993 while waiting for a heart transplant. Joe is driven to provide every Texan pure water for daily use. McCombs has been running water filtration systems in Texas for years. So, whether you choose us for spring water delivery, or for water filtration, we provide top-notch service for all of our customers. Request your free quote now.

Why Should You Install A Water Filtration System?

From a city water supply to a private well system, the water in your house could have the traces of heavy metals, chemicals, and chlorine. These contaminants can be added intentionally by a municipality, or come from the piping system. These elements can cause health problems for your family members.

Our water filtration solutions help you tackle problems like clogged pipes that reduce efficiency and water pressure. Our water softener systems help reduce sediments that are settled in the water. Overall, Water filtration systems are a better choice when it comes to your health and the environment.  

Call us today or visit our website to explore different water filtration and bottling options we provide. We can save you money, and help protect your health.

Benefits of Our Whole House Water Filter System

There are many factors that can affect your water. These problems are not easily identified by the average person. But the professionals at Samantha Springs can help you. Do not compromise on your water quality. Our experienced and trained technicians can visit your home to test the quality of your water. When our water specialists visit your property, they can examine your water, and highlight the water problems caused by aging water distributions systems, poor water filtration systems, and many times, the wrong plumbing. That is why we recommend a complimentary water analysis and to review the benefits of a whole house water filter system that would best suit your needs.

  • Our filtration system reduces the risk of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • It provides you soft water which means you can enjoy your bath more.
  • Pure water is important to keep your appliances rust and stain free such as your washing machine, dishwashers, and even your coffee maker.
  • Clean and pure water protects you pipes from buildup.
  • Along with the clearer skin, treated water gives you healthier and stronger hair.
  • Filtration systems provide you clear and fresh water from every water source in your house.
  • Above all, it keeps you and your family away from harmful contaminants

Do not risk your health with unhealthy water. We provide the most competitive prices for a whole house water filter system in Southlake TX.

Why Do You Need Water Test?

There are many reasons why you need a water test for your home or commercial property. Older pipes are one of the main problems that could cause your water quality to suffer. Moreover, your water might contain nitrates, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, excessive hardness, low pH, high pH and other water issues that could be harmful to you. While testing your water, our experts search for all water problems and provide you a solution to make your water pure, clean, and delicious.

When you buy water softening system from any retailer or on the internet, there is a good chance that you may get the wrong system. Our technicians are able to provide you the best solution, with a reliable whole house water filtration system, that will solve your water problems. We have multiple options for your water. We encourage our customers not to skip water testing process before buying a filtration system. Water testing is one of the most affordable ways to ensure the health of your family.

To know more about your water problems and the solutions we offer, contact us at Get registered now!

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