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Quality Home Inspection Services at Affordable Rates

At Advantage Inspection, we understand the value of your money and your investment. Let us help you make a safe decision regarding your next home purchase. House is more than just a roof and four walls. With our quality home inspection services, we will make sure that you make the right decision as buying a safe house will help you to keep your family secure. We have been providing high-quality services for the past 23 years to homeowners and real estate agents. 

Apart from the home inspections, our team is also experienced in condo inspection, rental property inspection, commercial buildings and beach properties. We have trained professionals from the real estate industry that use conventional techniques and modern tools to inspect the properties. We provide digital reports of our quality home inspection services as well.

Diverse Home Inspection Services for Your Safety

We provide quality home inspection services of diverse nature. Our home inspection services are not only directed at the people who are planning to buy a new home. Our quality home inspection reports can come in handy when you are planning to sell the home as well.

Home Buyers

When you are planning to buy or sell your home, quality home inspection services can come in very handy and help to save money. Our quality home inspection team identifies the electrical, plumbing and mechanical problems in your new home. This helps you to make necessary changes in the house and make it safe for living. With the help of our quality home inspection services, you can get a high rate for your house as well. There are many issues in the house that cannot be identified by naked eyes and this is where our quality home inspection services come in handy. We provide a detailed report to help you to make necessary repairs and increase the value of your home.

Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent and planning to make new investments in Durham NC, then our home inspection services can help you keep your investments secure. You might be experienced in selling and buying the houses but when it comes to identifying the problems in the house, you need to make sure that you get it inspected by us.

What Covered in Our Detailed Home Inspection?

Our quality home inspection is the answer to all your worries related to a new home purchase. We provide detailed home inspection services at affordable rates. We have been serving clients in Durham NC for more than 2 decades and has completed thousands of home inspection projects. Some aspects that are covered in our detailed quality home inspection are:

Radon Testing

Radon testing can help you to keep your family safe from the harmful gases. If you are planning to a buy a new house, then radon testing should be your utmost priority. Gases are mostly found in the low levels in the house such as basements and playroom area. Our home inspectors inspect the radon levels in all parts of the house to ensure that the house is free from harmful gases as minor exposure to such elements can cause different health problems. 

Septic Tank Inspection

Many people do not worry about the waste and water once they have flushed it. The people who have the urban water system never have to worry about it but the people who have septic tanks, we recommend a septic tank inspection every year. Our septic tank inspection includes the testing of the septic tank, its connections, pipes, and the leach field. We use dye technique to ensure there is no leakage in the septic tanks.

Termite Inspection

Our preventive measures for the termite extermination can help you to save thousands. Termites can damage your furniture and also pose a threat to your health. Our external and internal termite inspection will safeguard your home from other problems as well. Our detailed internal termite inspection includes the inspection of curtains, cabinets, appliances and even under beds. We also make sure that your crawl spaces are free from termites.  

Mold Inspection

We provide quality home inspection services that will keep your house mold free. Be it your basement, your attic or your bedroom walls, we have quality solutions that ensure a safe environment in the house. Invest a small amount of mold inspection and save yourself from multiple diseases. Mold Infestation can cause a lot of health and hygiene problems in the house and timely inspection can help it from growing.

Air Quality Testing

Air quality directly impacts the comfort level and health of the family members. Improved air quality is imperative for the concentration level and also keep you safe from different diseases. Several factors affect the air quality of the home such as poor sunlight, poor air circulation and high level of pollutants. Our home inspectors will give you a detailed report of the air quality in different parts of the house. We charge a flat rate of 250$ for the air quality testing. Take our quality home inspection services and live a healthy life. 

Advantage Inspection is the name to trust when you are planning to buy or sell a house. We provide exceptional customer service to the clients ensuring all your queries are dealt with the professional approach. Our customer support staff and professional home inspectors help us to provide high-quality home inspection services and this will, in turn, save you thousands. We adhere to the safety standards and local law when conducting home inspections. With our quality home inspection service, you can feel confident in shifting to a new house. We provide detailed home inspection reports to the customers that depict all the problems and recommendations regarding your new home. We work closely with the clients to make sure the quality home inspection reports are understood. We also keep close contact with all the clients in Durham NC as long as they own the property. You can procure our quality home inspection services anytime by visiting our website or contacting us via

For details, Please feel free to call us at 919-850-2526

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