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Be it a home or an office, the modern day world relies heavily on the data transmission and audio/visual technologies. From home pre-wire to visual installation and network cabling, we serve all your needs related to audio, video, data wiring, and cable management in Santa Monica CA!

No home is a complete home without the latest home appliances like a flat-screen TV and other audiovisual systems. The same way, security cameras, and network wiring are necessary for the commercial setups to interlink servers and other computers for communication and security purpose. Your Wi-Fi speeding and Wi-Fi faster connection are also some technical things that an ordinary person cannot handle. That is why there are several audiovisual and network wiring companies around to help. We can solve all your wireless issue and problems with our Santa Monica wireless service.

For over 12 years, we have been setting up business systems and home entertainment in Santa Monica CA area. With a modest beginning in 2005, we kept on building trust among clients with a top-of-the-line business system and home entertainment services. Whether you hire our network cabling service, data wiring service, wireless camera installation service, or other related services, we take every job very seriously. We are always ready to cater to your diverse needs with our top-notch service standards.

Services We Offer

With more than a decade of sheer class and success, we have been serving our clients with a host of audio-visual and networking services. We specialize in cabling, security cameras installation, flat screen TV installation, Wi-Fi solutions, router booster, and network speed up with wireless at Santa Monica and more. Doesn’t matter where you are located in the city, we will reach to you and serve you with the utmost quality services and that too at the most affordable rate. Let us show you some of the services that you can get from us with quality assurance. We offer these following services:

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Wi-Fi range extender
  • Wi-Fi repeater
  • Wi-Fi booster set up
  • Wi-Fi solutions
  • Wi-Fi speeding
  • Wi-Fi mesh
  • Wireless Wi-Fi range
  • Network speed up
  • Dual band Wi-Fi extender

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender Service

Our Wi-Fi booster and best Wi-Fi extender will make your network speed up. Our technicians will create a wireless mesh around your area to make your wife capable and faster. We will offer you a Wi-Fi connection with a Wi-Fi booster set up to tackle al the network and speed issue. You can use the internet at the highest speed.

Network Cabling Service

People who are running a business setup must be familiar with the importance of network cabling. Networking cables are used to connect a network device to the other network device/s in a building. We have the best Wi-Fi range extenders and solution to all your Wi-Fi issues and problems. The purpose of connecting multiple systems through wired or wireless network cabling is to share the same information between different computers in a building. Like, you can share scanners and printers by hiring the local network cabling companies.

For years, we are recognized as one of the best network cabling companies in Santa Monica CA. whenever you have to find the best and the most affordable network cabling companies in the city for your office network cabling, you can count on us. Our network cabling services are backed by the highly experienced and skilled network cabling professionals. With our network cabling service, we guarantee you an uninterrupted network cabling performance for smooth business operations.

Cable Management

Building an efficient cable management system is necessary for the professional installation. A wire & cable management system permits you to organize your system and keep it clean. This is not only necessary to keep the system neat and organized, but also to improve the overall performance. Be it an Ethernet cable or optical fiber line, it will look like a nightmare if you don’t organize them carefully. They will look bad and at the same time, they can easily call for the potential safety hazard.

You can organize your network cabling with our top-of-the-line cable management solutions. We are known as one of the best cable management companies in Santa Monica CA that has served hundreds of customers until now to organize network cabling in the most optimal manner. You can count on us, whenever you need the best cable management services for your data cabling.

Audio, Video And Data Wiring

Your home is like a heaven on the earth for you. You will desire to make it the most comfortable place for you, with all the necessary amenities and luxuries. This is where you need an audio-visual installation service for your home to set up your flat screen TVs and the home theatres. There are many visual installation companies in the city that you can hire, but identifying the best visual installation service can be a bit daunting process.

We proudly claim to be one of the best visual installation companies in the entire state. Apart from network cabling and cable management, we also specialize in the installation of any type of audio and visual systems in your home. Call us right today, if you need to install a new flat screen TV or a home theatre in your house with perfection.

Security Camera Networking And Installation

For businesses, another important service after network cabling is the security camera networking and installation. The modern-day world has become unsecured as we daily watch news of burglaries, break-ins, and other criminal activities like that. Thanks to the technology that has brought the new CCTV and video surveillance cameras to keep a check on what is happening inside and around a building.

You would be happy to know that we are also recognized as one of the best wireless camera installation companies in Santa Monica CA. What makes us one of the best wireless camera installation companies in the state is our in-depth knowledge about the modern day security cameras. Our team is dedicated to serving your security camera installation needs perfection because we take your security so seriously.

Why Choose Us?

We offer you a full range of professional Audio Visual installations, including camera installation, speakers, mount TVs, and more. From network cabling to whatever another service you need, we will send specialized experts to your place for a remarkable job. We are always ready to offer you a free consultation and assist you to make an informed decision according to your budget and time. We have strict policies about quality and cost. Unlike other companies, we never compromise on the service standards to cut prices.

You will find us to be the most affordable network cabling and AV installation company in Santa Monica CA, serving its clients with unparalleled services. We are the company that you can trust for top-of-the-line network cabling and all other related jobs.

Call us right today or visit our website from where you can schedule our services in the city. We can also answer your queries via emails, so feel free to send us your emails at, anytime.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 818-398-9042

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