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It is surprising what a new coat of high-quality paint can do for the appearance of a house. We are here to give your house a new appearance with our house painting services in San Anselmo CA!

Doesn’t matter how well designed and decorated your home is, if the home has cracked, peeling or faded paint, then the whole appearance will go down. House painting is not only important for the aesthetics of the house, but it also protects the structure from the harsh outside elements. Moreover, the quality of paint also affects the value of any house. This is where a local house painting company can help you by giving a fresh coat of paint to your house.

We are proudly the number one choice of San Anselmo CA residents, when it comes to painting homes. We are a full-service house painting company that has been painting homes, since 2000. For us, no job is too big or too small and our skilled, friendly painters are dedicated to complete all kinds of commercial and residential painting projects by exceeding our clients’ expectations. Don’t let the ordinary painters paint your house or business because it reflects your lifestyle and reputation.

Services We Offer

All you need is to give us a single call for any kind of painting project. We promise you to save your time and money with our top-of-the-line painting services. Our services are reliable enough so that you can count on us for your residential and commercial painting projects. You would be glad to know that painting is not the only job that we can perform for you. There are also many other home improvement services that we are capable to render.

Interior House Painting

When you get back to your house after a tiring day at work, then you will find your home as the most comfortable place on the earth. Hence, you would love to maintain your home in a great shape and interior painting is one of the essential jobs to be done in this regard. Interior painting is more than just slapping down the new coat of paint. Our painting services are tailored to meet the needs of different individuals with different requirements.

Our interior painting services include, but not limited to:

•    Walls painting

•    Cabinets painting

•    Han railings

•    Kitchen and laundry room painting

•    Crown moldings

•    Living room, dining room painting

•    Bedroom and bathroom painting

•    And more…

In fact, we will serve you with whatever comes under interior painting. Don't you have a particular painting idea or plan in mind? Don’t worry! We have hundreds of great, yet viable ideas for your interior painting needs. We will help you pick the best interior painting plans as per your desires and budget.

Exterior House Painting

A home’s first impression depends on how it looks from outside. It’s actually the color selection and the quality of the pain that sets the general look of any house. You can make your home or business look more welcoming, charming, elegant and sophisticated by choosing a perfect color. This will also reflect your lifestyle, so setting up a unique, yet attractive exterior look becomes extremely important. By selecting our exterior painting services in San Anselmo CA you can make sure that the outside of your house surpasses your expectations.

Out exterior painting services include:

•    Exterior French doors

•    Fence painting

•    Garage floor painting

•    Garage door painting

•    Eaves

•    Patios, decks, pagodas

•    Stucco

•    And more…

You can find more details on our exterior painting services online on the official website. We only use the top quality paints and our team of highly skilled painters are capable of finishing the job in a perfect manner. Are you ready to see the power of color? Procure our top-of-the-line exterior painting services to give your exterior a brand new coat of paint right today.

Cabinet Installation

Apart from residential and commercial painting services, we can also perform exceptional cabinet work for you. We have been doing new cabinet installation for a long time and our custom ideas and products can take your cabinetry experience to the next level. If you are on a budget and you can’t afford new installation, then you can also consider our services of cabinets refinishing, cabinets staining and cabinets resurfacing. We have unlimited ideas for different individual needs with different budgets.

Fence Painting and Staining

We also specialize in fence painting and staining. You can count on our expertise, whenever you require a top quality fence staining and painting service in San Anselmo CA. Our fencing services include, but not limited to:

•    Fence wood painting

•    Metal fence painting

•    Wood fence staining

•    Metal fence staining

Anyone who is looking for the above services in the city can count on us. We have a team of experienced fencing professionals that know how to exceed the expectations of our clients with their services.

Drywall and Sheetrock Repair/Installation

We also provide drywall and sheetrock repair and installation services in San Anselmo CA. If you are someone who needs specialized home renovation services, such as sheetrock install, drywall installation, or drywall repair, then we are the company that you can trust. You can also talk to our past clients to see what level of service standards we have maintained in the industry.

In fact, there are many other home improvement services that you can get under s single roof. Whatever service you get from us, we promise you to exceed your expectations. Some of the other services that we offer include acoustic removal, garage gate painting, door painting, and texturing services, etc.

We earn our reputation on every single job by pleasing you with our unparalleled service standards. To hire our house painting or other home improvement services in San Anselmo CA you can call us now. You can visit our website or send us your queries at to know more about our services.

For details, Please feel free to call us at 707-514-8183

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